Shinjuku Kabukicho Robot Restaurant | Weekend Watchlist

Have you ever wondered what a Medieval Times style dinner-n-show restaurant might look like in Japan? I bet you’re wondering about it now. Guess what? Your imagination sucks. It’s about to get seventeen different flavors of weird up in here!

Deep in the red-light district of Tokyo’s Shinjuku ward lies the not-so-humble dinner theater known simply as Robot Restaurant. And… Well, you just gotta see this.

Oh, and before we begin, I‘m not sure if ladies in bikinis driving power armor shaped like ladies in bikinis warrants a NSFW warning, but… Well, there you go.

Without further ado: Ladies! Tanks! Robots! Let’s go Robot Restaurant!

Now I don’t want to say that you haven’t seen anything yet because, well, you’ve probably already seen more crazy than one person should but… There’s more. A lot more. We haven’t even gotten to Cutie Honey Captain America and King Godzilla yet!  Oh yes, there will be Gangnam Style.

I know what you’re thinking: Where’s my medication and will I ever recover from this. The answers are ‘on the back table’ and ‘no’. Also, you still haven’t seen everything. (Un?)Fortunately YouTuber dust5021 has captured the entire 40 minute floor show. Still to come on Robot Restaurant: More taiko drumming, robot dogs, and a lady flying on a pterodactyl.

So WTF was that glittering room on the way out? That, my friends, is the more sedate, if no less garish, Robot Lounge. Here’s a closer look.

Just like any other attraction, Robot Restaurant is always undergoing updates and expansions. The previous videos were from the original version of the stage show. Here’s a quick overview of some of the fire-breathing pterodactyl and giant shark action now on display.

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