Behind the Blog: October 2, 2014–DNF DfD

Gah! Another B-the-B not posted on the first of the month! At least I got the picture back on it this time. Funny the little things that bother you…

I figured I’d drop another little correspondence here since I said I’d have my new game, Project DfD, done in a couple weeks. Well, that didn’t happen. And it probably won’t be done for a while. Don’t panic! It’s for the best of reasons. The game is coming along well. Here’s a screenshot to prove it:

October is a big month on the homestead. It’s the last gasp of peace before plunging into The Holidays where I am forced to engage in horrific activities such as Moving and Conversing *shudder* Almost as bad are all those blasted decorations that need to be setup, maintained (The Mrs. likes to go BIG on Halloween), packed up, and swapped out for next month’s décor. Adding anger to insanity, we took a nasty lightning strike here last week. Let’s just say I’ve been taking apart a lot more than the dryer (Sadly, our server is still out of commission as I write this).

…And none of this has to do with why DfD is gonna be late. You can have that last tangent, on the houseWinking smile

Besides marking the begining of a season of interruptions, October was also my original, self-imposed deadline for Brick Dead. Obviously, I ended up getting BD out, at least in some form, way ahead of that random due date. Still, I thought about sprucing up the ol’ gal for Halloween. I was kicking ideas about a Halloween themed edition around in my head when it dawned on me that I could just make a new game instead. The problem: Starting from scratch with six weeks to Halloween. I’ve got some chops for this kind of stuff now-a-days, but that’s a tight squeeze for a noob.

So how’s Project Halloween going? I dreamed up a concept and knocked out a prototype in two days. I’ve produced more art in a week than I’ve ever used in a project before. The result? Not done yet, but things look really good. I’m definitely in the home stretch. Of course, this is the point where one little thing can drop the whole Jenga tower of code down on your head, but… I’m optimistic.

And just what is Project Halloween? I’m gonna keep most of that under my hat for now. It’s an arcade style game and its actually about Halloween, as opposed to a scary game. I believe it fits the sarcastic-yet-loving, family-friendly attitude of GUO quite well. Just between you, me, and the NSA, it was nice to get away from the grim scheming of DfD and work on something with a happier theme for a bit.

As for plans past that… I dunno. Definitely need to get caught up with stuff around the homefront. Gonna dust of and update GUO’s annual pumpkin post. Probably take a couple weeks off from coding to let the carpal tunnel settle down (although I feel the overuse of the mousewheel button from Unity and Blender a whole lot more than typing these days). Oh, and Star Trek Online! I think they’ve got a new expansion coming out this month! It’ll be nice to chow down on that slice of comfort gaming for a while.

So that’s me and mine sending our love out to you and yours. Thanks for reading.

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