Break Out Your Dead v2–Updated 3/23/2015

One year ago, I set out on a crazy experiment to make a video game from scratch with naught but two clues to rub together. The result was a lengthy series of articles about the joys and despair of making your own game. After three months of hard work, the experiment bore playable fruit in the form of a quirky little 3rd-person brick-breaking shooter I dubbed Break Out Your Dead.

While I’ve released a couple other titles here (and have a few more ready to pop out any day now), BOYD remained my pride and joy. The release of the new, fifth version of the Unity engine was a perfect excuse to revisit the first of my little digital toys and sprinkle a bit of newfound knowledge and Unity 5 magic upon my first-born.

So, what’s new? Tons! Here are some of the highlights:

  • New graphical effects including soft shadows and bloom effects.
  • Tweaked lighting, colors, particle systems, and materials for both performance and pretty.
  • Rim lighting added to tombstones for increased visibility while creeps have more natural lighting to better match the scene.
  • Holy Ball now has a new targeter effect to for better aiming of this expensive nuke.
  • A new implementation of the ‘Poly UI’ system that renders without perspective warping and features better effects.
  • More dynamic pathfinding for creeps.
  • Scaling UI so our friends with big resolutions and bad eyesight won’t need to strain so much.
  • The player now moves faster while time is slowed. (Note: This does not affect casting time)
  • Tons of performance optimizations and bug fixes.

I’ll be happy to build out a Linux version if requested. I’ve also tried to keep BOYD running on all the systems it did before. I haven’t done much benchmarking with the new post-process effects, so if I’ve blown you video card out of the water, let me know.

Update: v0.21 is now available at the links below. This update includes fixes for wizard pose in Mystery Boxes level, a new program icon, and cosmetic tweaks on the main menu.

Download Break Out Your Dead v2

Windows: Installer or Zip

Mac: Zip

I hope you enjoy this ‘remastered’ version of my humble pet project (Because diving back into your first attempt at any endeavor is a mess!). We love you! Thanks for playing.

Bricked Dead Again

Break Out Your Dead alphaV0.2 coming soon with shiny new graphics, scaling UI, bug fixes, and faster maths.


And, yes, Against the Horde is still totally beatable with l33t skillz!