New Roku 2 Media Streamer Has Motion Controls and Angry Birds

The Roku box has been a geek-tastic addition to home theater setups for a couple of years now. The improvement in their latest devices sport all the usual bullet points you’d expect from iterative design: higher resolutions, more services, and a smaller footprint. What no one could have predicted was the addition of a Bluetooth remote that pulls double duty as a Wii Remote styled motion controller.

Initially launching with mass-market favorite Angry Birds, Roku plans to continue to roll out more unannounced games for its device after launch. The Roku Game Remote will come with the Roku 2 XS ($100) and will be available separately soon after with a 2GB MicroSD card for $29.

Check out TechCrunch for all the details of the upcoming Roku 2 systems or buy one now directly from Roku (complete with a 30 day money back guarantee!)

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