Johnathan Coulton has his own coloring book?

My "From" nickname is different depending on if I send from Gmail or from iGoogle ;) Bizarre.

Also, searching Gmail is strange and sucky. I can't believe Elizabeth's work uses it now. Why don't they at least use POP3 and some type of freeware mail client? Probably never thought of that. Don't see why I couldn't set that up for you. What about Windows Mail (formerly Outlook Express)? I mean, Gmail supports POP3 for Christ's sake! Just use whatever.
When do we open Chloe's Easter package from Mom? Of course, she will probably have gnawed her way through in another 36hrs or so.
Need to move my hobby stuff (knives, glues, sprays) SOON.


Okay, I reeeeealy need to get a faster SSD in this netbook :(

Hmm. Just checked a EEE forum and it seems like most of the 900s are dying right now. That;s my model! Nothing specific, just normal wear/tear on the systems.

Public Service Anouncement

I know your passwords suck. You know your passwords suck. Fix it!


And for the love of God, stop using the same id/password for your bank, Gmail, and everything else.

Blue Toad Murder Files

April 29 for episodes 4-6


New copies of Assassin's Creed 2 for the PS3 are on sale for $27 online for Gamestop's Game Days sale...
We need to do more Daily Pics with all of us.
Not having a bad day, just an angry one. grrr.

Also, camera loaded and ready to go.

Also, found a 4gb microSD if you want to put it in the Blackberry.
I've been looking for the baby hair brush for 2 days now.
BG didn't want lunch, but is chowing down on her second magazine of the day :\

Thanks for nothing

There is a disassembled crib in the back room. Nice to know no one would think so much as to piss on me if I were dying of thirst in the desert. I'm bolting the door and arming the landmines. Sick of everyone and their petty problems.
I don't think the cat could make this any harder today...

Let's compare

From Chloe Travelog 92409

From Chloe 7mos

Holy $@&#!

You should see the screen on Elizabeth's cheap laptop! Maybe I've just been using the netbook too much.

Baby Evolution

Nearly nine months old now. I hate how the rulebook changes every 3mos. Just as I get comfortable, BG transforms. Its nice that stages grow farther apart later because this pace is brutal.
I guess there is one advantage to ebooks: The baby can't eat them :\

Tokyo Toy Fair

Lots of video, just click the pic boxes:

$139.99 WD 2TB HDD
I've come to the logical and very sane conclusion that Chloe should be put in a bubble for her own protection.
BG has a stuffy nose and is very hyper today. At least the cat is sleeping in the bathroom...
Weeding thru baby clothes. Ditching anything smaller than 5-9mo size. gonna leave us a bit short on baby pants.
Quiet on the blog today. I guess if I ever want the women to get off of my digital ass, just gotta yell "Woot Off!" LOL

And since everyone with ovaries are out pacifying their shopping gene, this just in:


That is all ;)
That Brookstone box arrived today. Chloe thinks the tape they used looks delicious.
BG loves the Theme for Wooting Off LOL
Woot Off!! Kids and Wine Woot are also doing it for once!
With the cat sleeping in the baby's room, I can't do much of anything any more. If I move the cat, she makes too much noise. If I leave her in there and close the door, she scratches at it. If I leave the door cracked for the cat, I can't make noise. This has been going on for a couple of weeks now and it is really pissing me off. Now I can't get chores done EVER!
Lots of Dr. Who news lately.

BG seems happy and (very) active this morning. Her spots are almost gone.
OMG, I still gotta get my driver's lic. done. I really need to look into that...
Today's picture is #100 (by web cam count)
She's kinda fussy too
Well the baby sure LOOKS better. She's still acting sluggish. Temp is 98.9


So the baby went to sleep and the Grandpop went to sleep. The baby woke up. Pops went pee, then the doorbell rang. It was DCF. Pop got door, then baby, the explained how the baby's been sick. Long story short; I forgot to mention anything on your note to Arleen. Sorry.
BG just got up. got temp reading of 100.4 & 99.9. giving Tylenol. DCF also just left from usual visit. Arleen said Sarah called her bitching that John's mom was giving Baby2 too much medicine :rolleyes:
After her 2nd nano nap, BG felt well enough to run around the living room for about 20mins. She's taking a nap now (hopefully a longer one). She feels a little cooler to the touch.
1.5TB HD now on sale for $100
BG puked big time. We both needed a full change of clothes.
Getting babytemp. reading of 97.something high
BG is starting to act lethargic again. Kinda like when the rash started ;(
Wanna wake a baby up? Blog about her sleeping...
BG is sleepy today. Not like bad sleepy, just not going more than a couple hours between naps. No temp or stuffiness. She ad a whole jar of pears for lunch and played with a piece of banana. We have had both a normal poop and a baby bath in the new tub. Chloe was kinda confused about the new tub (as was I), but she REALLY enjoys splashing :) Rash fading from body, but still there. Her face still looks pretty bad.


This post has been redacted!

All that work...

Liz, I'm getting bounced by your aunt's email addy. Just FYI.
Did it again! In the quotes should be "redacted suckers!" in <>. LOL. Must be part of a HTML code or something ;)


The below post had a list of my other aliases in the original message. As a joke, I deleted it and replaced it with "". Guess what? It ain't there no more! Blogger redacted my redacted joke!

Who is da Toad?

I received an email from Elizabeth's Aunt Anne wondering who I was after the last batch of pictures went up. I thought everyone else might find the below anecdote amusing, so I have re-posted it here for your entertainment:

"As for the why? I've been "plugged in" long before the days of the Internet. It was a digital Wild West when we all used slow, noisy modems to dial into local PCs and no one used their real names. Everyone had a "handle", kinda like truckers on CB radio. I vaguely remember somewhere around 1990 or so when I was starting up a new BBS (old dial-up server that would probably equate to a single web site today) and I wanted a new handle/nickname. Later that evening I received a phone call from a former co-worker who called me a "toad" for not having kept in touch. I added the "da" portion to give a slight twist and ran with it. Today, most of my Internet accounts are so old I haven't bothered to put in my real name. Being a PC tech by trade also makes me very aware of how much risk is involved when posting real personal information in a public place. My birth date and address are usually off by one number unless I'm buying something online. Just a little healthy paranoia.

I also use as other aliases :)

Its a little "old school" and probably a wee bit paranoid as well, but I gotta tell 'ya, I've never had any problems with identity theft (knock on wood)."

I left out the part about serving pirate data for the past 20 years ;) You probably wouldn't get quite so many movies if I was myself all over the net.
BG's been up every 2hrs. all night.
BG has finally learned to fall on her butt
BG is still Pocky. Her temp is normal and she got lots of rest last night (even counting the late night crap). Rash look slightly better.
Even with a lunchtime crow of old folks at the deli, no one came over to see the 'cute' baby. She looks pretty hideous. I've been calling her Pocky (Google it. Delish! Liz loves the stuff)
Dr. said "That's quite an impressive rash." Useful! Does not match any known patterns, but definitely viral. Checked via blood test. Should clear up in day or 2.
Her temp is 99.6. She seems fine. She happy & bouncy.
BG's rash is worse. Going to dr. @11. Check today's pic for the gory details.
Elizabeth thinks the baby has Rosie-o-something that causes a short fever then a rash. thought I had ODed on the fabric softener on the last load of laundry.
No one in the store stop you to coo over the baby when she's covered in spots. Like I didn't feel bad enough today...
BG is polka dotted today. Suspect laundry allergy. Elizabeth is the expert on allergies ;)
12:30 - BG finally in bed. Between the teething, being sick, and the time change, bedtime is very frustrating.

I'm falling apart tonight. Looks like its Grandpop's turn to stay up all night crying ;)
Gonna change the baby's name to Bellsprout. Ask Brandon.
Well not nothing. She's still cutting a tooth :(
Nothing wrong with the baby now, that's for sure.
BG seems bouncy and happy
Tried using ear thermo. got 9, 96.7, and 98. Whatever. giving tylenol
How do you transport a baby via city bus? Stroller, arms, snuggley?
BG is sick. 100 temp. Will be heading to dr. tomorrow
It also appears that I did not plug in the crock pot... gads...
The cat was sleeping on the couch in there when I put Chloe down. I think that's keeping her attention. Of course, she's also been know to talk to her feet...


The damn temp knob on the new crock pot is backwards from the old one and I was too tired putting it in this morning to notice. It'll still be okay. Plenty of time left.

Corned Beef in case you were wondering.
Wish I had a cam in the baby's room (or WiFi Robot!). She just woke up, but isn't crying. I can hear her bumping around. You know she's up to something adorable :)
Hmm. For some reason Chloe is tired today ;)

My Apple Core gets rid of tangles

My Apple Core gets rid of tangles: "

Somehow or rather, wires and cords seem to have a mind of their own, deviously plotting with one another to wind themselves up in a Gordian knot whenever there is nobody at the office or home. Well, My Apple Core prevents this unfortunate scenario from happening simply because it comes in a form factor that is similar to that of an – yup, you’ve guessed it, apple core, hence its name. Available in a variety of colors, you can purchase a dozen of these for $9.95, getting a free pair of headphones at the same time – now how about that!

**I went to order these immediately. $13.90 for shipping! $10 I'm good for, but $25 :( I'm fairly happy with my cable mess anyway. LOL

Love! Exciting & New!

Should've seen this crap coming. Had Boston Market frozen chicken parmesan for lunch. Don't like chicken parmesan (sp?) and Boston Market frozen meal suck donkey scrotum, but somehow it was pretty good. Sign of the apocalypse to come.
The Granpop's Tea, might I remind you, that Granpop swapped out microwaves for.
...and that's when the baby dumped my tea.
...and she's up. I'll stop with the play-by-play now
Pulled something in my right shoulder :(
BG cried for a bit, but seems to still be asleep. Probably woke her banging around trying to replace the MW.


Hey Mom, I nicked your microwave. Knicked? I think its British, so... Um... Unlawfully appropriated.
...and that's when the microwave stopped working. Auto shutdown after 30 seconds. With everything else falling apart I'm not that surprised.
...and she's down. Gonna have to check this blog myself to see what the times were, but that sure felt like a long afternoon.
...and she's up
...and she's down.
Didn't post this yesterday, but Newegg had a 1TB drive on sale for $68! $68!!! Terabyte!!!
...and now she's back up again.
BG went back to sleep at about 8AM. She was up about 3AM
Never trust anyone who claims "they're just doing it for the children". Every time I've heard this line used its been because some power mad ego maniac doesn't want to discuss a particular issue anymore.


Beating Zelda and Grand Theft Auto, Jeremiah Slaczka's 5th Cell won top handheld and innovation honors at the Game Developer's Choice Awards for Scribblenauts.
Granpop thinks he may feel a tooth!
Gamasurtra"s Best of Indie Games column is now posted to the news feed. just a reminder that this is full of free games. For the least fuss, just hit up the browser games
BG was up 3 times last night. Having a baby's room next to the bathroom sucks.
Gotta get BG thru ANOTHER time change :( Not like she sleeps much anyway
Granpop's never gonna have a quiet morning again, is he...
BG is happy today. She got to go out to breakfast with Elizabeth and one of her friends.


Okay, I knew about it, but managed to avoid spoilers. Let me just confirm this now: Bill Murray's cameo in Zombieland is the greatest cameo in film history XD
Probably gonna be a bumpy night :(
Fucking bill collector phone call woke the baby. Gonna do something about that phone. don't even use the damn thing anymore. This is bullshit
WooHoo! Nap time!
BG is very "not-tired" today. we haven't had any naps so far.
Stomach still kinda wonky today :(
Mom asked how I liked the baby being mobile. I said I didn't. That's a lie. I'm actually tickled to death watching Chloe puttering around discovering new things. Just wish she was better about not falling down/over. That part is very stressfull.
My stomach is killing me...
I spend 20mins writing a post on the perfect mobile Internet appliance. Then my browser refreshed and wiped it out...

Short version: We need Tricorders a la Star Trek. Take a iPhone or DSi and make it open source w/4G connection. Don't buy any of this other stupid crap out today. I expect my vision of a tricorder in less than 5 years.



"Like so many other iPhone games, Zits & Giggles launched at $0.99. Sales were never remarkable, and they eventually tapered off entirely. But rather than pursue a traditional marketing strategy like offering the game for free for a limited time, Refenes did just the opposite: he raised the price to $15, exorbitant by iPhone standards.

Shockingly, "the day I put it up to $15, three people bought it," Refenes said.

"So," he continued, "I said, 'I'm going to put it up to $50.' Four people bought it."

After observing that fortuitous trend, Refenes decided to test its resilience by boosting the game's selling price every time at least one copy was sold.

"I stopped paying attention to it for a while," he recalled, then "I checked it on Valentine's Day, and 14 people bought it at $299."

Play This

Sushi Cat
Thanks for checking those links. Its hard to tell what works and what doesn't since its all tied to my Google account. Moved those links over to the sidebar

Civilization V Preview - PC Preview at IGN

Civilization V Preview - PC Preview at IGN
Chloe's been up screaming every 2hrs all night
Yeah...Those baby fences Mom suggested are starting to look really, really good

About News Feed/News-View All Page

Before you ask:
"At the present time, it is not possible to customize your public page beyond choosing the items you share."
You really can't do a lot with Blogger. Its not like having a real web site like Geocities. Its all plug-in modules and junk. Test out those links at the top, would ya? Lemme know what you think.

Hot Baby on Cat Action!

What began as weekend project of "Just let me use up these batteries" bloomed into a 3 week photo shoot as Energizer apparently makes REALLY good rechargeables. Come join our newest family member as she learns such skills as crawling, climbing, pet petting(?!), and how to screw up a picture my moving at the very last second. I'm starting to get used to Elizabeth's camera, so pics should be slightly less crappy than what you have come to expect.

My Picasa albums are all public now for easier use too! There is now just 1 picture link that should allow you to browse everything. This should all be working now. Comment/email if you find problems.

Chloe crawled from my chair, in to the foyer to play with the toys on her car-seat, then crawled all the way back to my chair. She was pooped (figuratively)
Major teething pains today. Gonna be noisy around here... Liz got stuck up with the baby last night :(
Shouldn't Geni remind us of people's birthdays? Bet Kat doesn't have a birthdate entered...
While bringing BG back from her nap I noticed her watching my feet while I walked.


Did you play Scibblenauts yet?
Valve's first simultaneous release for Mac and PC will be Portal 2, announced earlier this month.

Steam comes to the Mac!

Coolest feature? If you own the PC version of something, you now own the Mac!
Elizabeth is having a REALLY bad day at work. Well, not life- or job-threateningly bad. On the up side, her mom has just been released from the hospital.
She's also gotten a lot better about falling on her butt rather than her head
BG has been a perfect little angel today. She has also learned to carry a tune. Took me a few tries to place it, but she was singing Farmer in the Dell. I never sang that song! Then I realized I stole the melody for the Bath Time song ;)

How to Build a $1000 Fusion Reactor in Your Basement

BG sure is active today. Gotta deal with Katherine's B-day today too. I got $20 in my wallet I'll give her for you, Mom.


"A sequel for last year's breakout DS hit Scribblenauts graces the cover of the latest Nintendo power, promising a look at what 5th Cell has in mind.

Scribblenauts 2 will add 10,000 more words, with adjectives playing a big role in what you summon ("Super Einstein?" "Electric Werewolf?" Not saying that's confirmed for the game, but man is it fun to speculate.)

It'll deliver 120 new levels, a level editor, a new hint system, and improved controls. What else, anything else? Oh yeah, it comes out in the fall."


Just realized I have never pimped Kneebouncers.com on the Blog! Let me fix that (+100pts!)

I read a Kotaku article about a site that had flash games for kids when Chloe was...3mos or so. Ever since then Chloe get to play her video games a couple of times a week. I make her play Alphabet or Numbers. Elizabeth used to play SplishSplash. Makes you have to go pee! Now they play Bed Jump. Chloe got so scared the first time...Spoiler! Go try it.
Liz is back. Mom got admitted for a bladder infection.
BTW, God damn is everyone up early. Especially for a Saturday.
If no man is an island, couldn't I at least be a peninsula?

So let see, that's 15 points for Good Blogging, +25 for blogging during a crisis, +10 sleep deprivation bonus after woken by baby (x3), and +25 for coining a phrase.

this blog entry sponsored by Kellogg's'! +100 pts!
Liz has been ar the hospital since 3AM. Her mom had a seizure.

Impulse gets Total Annihilation!

Stardock has a deal with Atari to re-release TA! At $10 seems like a no- brainer. Even includes the Expansion.
BG was up @ 6AM and shows no signs of ever going back to sleep. She is, however, making record times on falling over and hurting herself.
Chloe has learned to bang 2 things together.
Now that's quality blogging. +15 points! You didn't watch that presentation from DICE on G4 did you? You suck...

Here's the link again. Its 30ism minutes. Skip to 20min for good stuff
Just took out the trash and saw Mr ShamWow taking a smoke break. I told him how great I thought his presentation was. He said he takes a lot of pride in it. It really shows.

Best Comercial I've Seen in Months

You should've seen this ShamWoW class guy at the door today. Absolutely fantastic! Live demos (Like 4 or 5), great rhythmn, able to rattle off lists of stuff for 3mins without a breath, had to ask "How Much?" 4 times. Looked kinda like the first host of Blues Clues (I shouldn't know that damnit!). I really wish the guy luck, but I ain't paying $300 for crate of Orange Glow concentrate.
Sure is a lot easier to cut the games collection in the era of digital distribution. Of course, even with Steam I find it remarkably hard to throw out the Half Life 2 Collector's Edition ;)
Lou, I assume you want fist dibs on my PC games? There's nothing here my family would like. Maybe Liz ca give away anything you pass on at work

This is the Dream of the 'Net

Gadget Lab Hardware News and Reviews
Popular Science Puts Entire Scanned Archive Online, Free

Read More http://www.wired.com/gadgetlab/2010/03/popular-science-puts-entire-scanned-archive-online-free/#ixzz0hEXB25BD

Direct Link
Baby actually took a big nap this morning and I ended up screwing around with this crap...
I really need to get on Buzz. Below post is why. Turned off by the fact there was no iGoogle widget for it LOL. Going to other web pages is sooo 200X ;)

Mom Says:


OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!! You've got to be kidding! Does this mean we have to put clothes on all statues in Italy. Isn't it bad enough the Pope in the dark ages thought the penis on the statues would incite people to sin so he had that all cut off.

What is this world coming to?
I really like yesterday's baby pic :)
Marco's has a $10 pizza deal. Large, any type :)
...and just so you NJ people know, you don't have to wait for a download to finish. Just start the download and keep doing whatever else on the PC. The download will continue in the background.

Did Brandon end up getting his movie? Did it work okay?
Made out awesome on the office leftovers today! The fatest, fully loaded chicken salad sub you've ever seen.
Just checked. The camera has 120 pics on it! Those are REALLY good batteries. Will get those posted this week. This is getting stupid.
Stroller is operational. Elizabeth loves it. Thanks Mom! Pics will be in that batch I still don't have upped.

Required Viewing

If you haven't seen it, you want to. If you have seen it, you want to know more. Gotcha covered both ways:


It’s Raining Fish -- Hallelujah!

The stroller just arrived.
DCF fingerprinted Chloe tonight.

2 4 Tuesday

...on baby poop!

Play This


More Portal Mortal

Read the quote below to get an idea what is going on.

From what I'm reading they updated Portal and put radios in the game. When you bring them to certain locations, they each play a sound file. Some of the sound files were morse code and translated into messages. The rest of them were converted to images using SSTV. After pulling numbers and letters from the images, an MD5 hash was put together. Someone guessed it was a phone number and encoded all the phone numbers with the valve area code using MD5. One is a match. This number turns out to be a BBS number that you can dial into with your modem. The login is what you see when dialing in.

GLaDOS rebooting

Having the TV's color/geometry messed up in the bottom corners is not helping my mood... Just got Bayonetta for the PS3 on trade. Urge to scream rising.


Ya know, I forgot I can use this thing to get help. LOL

How do you deal with the "Intrepid Explorer" phase in babies -rambling rant deleted-.

ATTN: Elizabeth

Need a new pack of lighters. Not critical (still got working 1), but it does need to go on the shopping list
Baby's been hyper this week.
Valve is acting crazy again except this time its not a Team Fortress update. It is Portal! Hidden images, morse code, and a dial up BBS:


GLaDOS is still alive ;)
Ya remember that wi-fi robot I didn't get? Imagine now you could "dial in" and play with the baby!

Hmm. wonder if the kids would've used it. Probably not.

Wi-fi robot
Not gonna bore ya with the list. How was my day? Shit sandwich.
Just got the baby out of the bath, made a fresh bottle, and showered both of us in formula due to crappy nipple.
Been spending an awful lot of energy and money for a baby that'll be going back home in a couple months...
For a several years now, I've been the proud owner of a regulation size wargame table. Few people could even consider such a wondrous thing in their game rooms! Now... Gone. I can't justify that much used space these days. First the ottoman and now my game table. Tune in next time as I weep tears of blood while getting rid of my PC game collection.
BG slept from 7:30 PM to 8:00 AM :)

Also got another $75 Babies r Us gift card from the kids.