Review : F-Sim Space Shuttle (iOS) : Land Endeavour on Your iPhone

photo 5I understand that mobile gaming should be bite-sized portions of fun, the fire-and-forget of time wasters, but can’t we come up with anything other than physics puzzles and match-3? Sascha Ledinsky thinks its found the answer with F-Sim Space Shuttle, a $3 iOS game that breaks off the most challenging task in a flight simulator and serves it up solo.

Star Trek vs History Channel Memorial Day Schedule Star Trek vs History Channel Memorial Day Schedule
Bit Torrent: Because linear television networks are stupid.

Candy Bunny Tuck-In

BG gets her dessert ready for bed

Special Report : Hulu on TiVo

In this episode, Special Report tries to find someone interested in Hulu on TiVo.

The International Space Station is finally, officially complete

The International Space Station is finally, officially complete: "The International Space Station is finally, officially complete
The first module of the ISS was launched in 1998. 13 years and somewhere between $35 billion and $100 billion later, the final assembly of the ISS was officially completed today with the installation of a laser-equipped extension boom for the station's robot arm.

Grandpop vs Google Wallet Grandpop vs Google Wallet by ryte2byte

Like it? Create your own at It's free and fun!

Playstation Network Go For Restart in Asia

sony_psn_condemnedSony has finally paid off those last few pesky Japanese bureaucrats in their way and the Playstation Network has been cleared for takeoff! PSN and Qriocity services are to being restoration tomorrow, May 28, and restore services to Japan, Taiwan, Singapore, Thailand, and others. South Korea and Hong Kong will remain offline.

Your Music Never Sounds the Same Twice with Bronze

Gwilym Gold has released the first single for the radical new music system Bronze. Bronze is a music player application that plays specially prepared Bronze music files. Bronze in an attempt to remix the selected track in new ways every time it is played. One play through may feature a strong drum beat, where as the next play thru may feature no drums at all.

The Bronze player and the first Bronze single, Flesh Freeze, are both available for free to Mac users right now. The developer states that future releases are coming for PC and mobile devices.

Rant : Nvidia 3D Vision Glasses Now Work on YouTube–Still Suck

Picture 128It’s time for the Biannual Charging of the 3D Glasses!

NVidia and YouTube are giving you a great excuse to dig up those old $200 3D glasses you haven’t touched since the last NVidia tech demo! What’s the gimmick this time? 3D videos of NVidia tech demos brought to you in the crystal clear quality only possible by YouTube!
I’m rockin’ the red/blues for this one! Works on all YouTube 3D content. Just push that 3D button:3d button

If, however, you are are currently wondering where all the bits to your shutter glasses setup are, take this link. You’ll need it. This is Nvidia’s press release and has info you may need update drivers or get HTML 5 to talk to your 3D setup. …so, good luck there.

Still charging? Hmm. I’m just gonna take the ol’ school cardboard glasses and check some stuff out. Meet me over by the Resident Evil Trailer when you’re ready.

Still charging, huh? K. Well… I gotta go. I highy recommend that 3D model RC helicopter cam. Good stuff there. I’m just gonna go and watch some 3D now. On any monitor. Or TV. With red/blues.

Ya know, these $0.60 ones look nice. And these are a penny.

All charged! Yay, let’s- Huh? Drivers? Oh, yeah… video driver updates. Oooookay.

Here, I made this for you while I was waiting:

3D was fun for a night! See you next tech demo.

Editorial : Sony. PSN. E3. Gonna be Awkward…

Sony has some impressive stuff to show this year, same as any other year. As a major platform owner in both the home and portable console market, Sony is one third of E3. Last year they even managed to learn a little style. Without even seeing the light of a single pixel of Uncharted 3, I can tell you that it’s in the running for Game of the Year.

But! …dude… PSN.

Nearly one month downtime. Excess of 100 million user’s data stolen. Sony still won’t/can’t confirm if credit card data was copied. True Story: I went to E3’s web site looking for an official logo and it linked me out to Sony’s usual Playstation site where I saw:sony ps website

How does this not go through your mind. I know everyone is all high on the marketing kool-aid at E3, but jeez, there’s a limit. How do reporters not giggle when Sony unveils its spiffy new online multi-player shooter? There’s one every year! When Sony says “Revolutionary new multiplayer that could only be brought to you by the power of the PS3 and Playstation Network”, how does Brian Ashcraft not spit-take his vodka spiked energy drink all over the guy sitting in front of him?

And what about that new handheld? You KNOW that thing was built to be integrated into PSN a dozen different ways! Don’t think they’ll be marketing that angle quite so much. Then there’s the earthquake, tsunami, and power issues in Japan? How small is the first production run of the NGP going to be?

How do you even get that wide load of baggage through the door? I guess you have two choices: Ignore it; Go head on. Sony is going to have to smile and blush and try to play this whole mess off, or they are going to head their keynote touting the ‘Newer, Faster, Better, More Secure PSN’. It’s a shame Sony’s married to that “cross media bar” interface. This would be the perfect time to roll out a new GUI and at least look like a new network.

What’s Sony’s game plan for E3? I have no idea. Be glad you have your job.

Puella Magi (Mahou Shoujo) Madoka Magica Anime Papercraft!

Here comes the most depressed Magical Girls ever, in cuteness enhancing chibi form, ready to mope around your desk and complain about the horrific living hell that is being a Magic Girl.

Great pics of the the finished product are available on Billa’s Blog and the full set of templates to print and build via her Deviant Art page.

…and someone really needs to pick up this show for US distribution! Do you know how many girls we have that saw Sailor Moon and then grew up to be snarky goths? A WHOLE GENERATION’S WORTH! You know what would really appeal to them? “True Confessions of Sailor Moon” by Quentin Tarantino ie. Madoka Magica!

Blogger’s Dashboard Not Starting 5.25.11

Always something these days. For a while it was starting to look like the ‘Net ran better than my home systems. Man, that sure hasn’t been the case this year. Shame I can’t kick the Internet when it’s acting screwy.

I guess I could go into my neighbor’s yard and jump up and down on the Fios junction box…

*Update* Oh. It just isn’t working in Chrome. Of course. Google Blogger just doesn’t want to work with Google Chrome. Of course.

*Update* Busted cookie. Just kept looping me back to the login page. Did Mom have this problem for a while? Hmm. Anyway, looks like the age of kicking the local PC is still here after all Winking smile

Report: Sony Music Japan, Sony Ericsson hacked | InSecurity Complex - CNET News

Too bored to write about it anymore, too fascinated to look away. Here's your Sony Hack of the Day:
Report: Sony Music Japan, Sony Ericsson hacked | InSecurity Complex - CNET News

Pink Pork Back on the Menu

USA Today says that the USDA has freed us from the shackles of dry, overcooked chops and roasts by rolling back the ‘done’ temperature on pork. 145 degrees on cuts now.

"We found it was perfectly acceptable and that 160 was probably overkill," says Elisabeth Hagen, USDA's undersecretary for food safety.
Update the wiki and stoke dem coals, Pop-Pop’s goin’ grillin’!

Um… Duke Nukem Forever Just Went Gold. No, Like… for Real.

I… um… wow. I never thought this day would come. I certainly never thought I’d be in a position to broadcast IF this day ever came. Yet here we are. I… *sniff* okay… okay…

Friends. Family. Readers. Browsers. Googlers and Tweeters! Bingers and Diggers!

CITIZENS OF THE INTERNET! Duke-Nukem-Forever-1536




In a press release today, May 24, 2011, Chris Faylor of Gearbox posted the following:

2K Games and Gearbox Software Announce Duke Nukem Forever® Has “Gone Gold”

Vaporware no more! Gaming’s most legendary hero makes his triumphant return this June

New York, NY – May 24, 2011 – 2K Games and Gearbox Software are proud to announce that Duke Nukem Forever®, one of the most anticipated entertainment properties of all time, has “gone gold” and will be available at retailers on June 10, 2011 internationally and on June 14, 2011 in North America. The road to gold was paved over the course of 15 years and its legendary path climaxes on the Xbox 360® video game and entertainment system from Microsoft, PlayStation®3 computer entertainment system and Windows PC.”


I am shocked to be here today.

A lot of people didn’t make it.

Love it or hate it, 15 years is a long, long time to make vaporware jokes.

…and now it’s over.


Review : i3D (iPhone/iPad) : Glasses Free 3D for Free to Thee

photoi3D made some waves a couple of months ago when it unveiled a proof of concept app that allowed folks to peek around a polygonal object ‘inside’ their iPhone. It has been a bit of a wait, but University Joseph Fourier has released their tech demo on the App Store for free.

So, how does it work? It uses the front facing camera to track the position of your head and renders the little virtual object inside to match that viewing angle.

How well does it work? Sigh… Just slightly worse than other video game camera based tracking systems (Eye Toy, Kinect, webcam AR). It helps to have a quiet background, know the limits of the camera’s sight, fulfill a laundry list of lighting conditions, tie your hair back, don’t wear t-shirts with designs on them, don’t be black, etc.

But when it does work? Whooooo boy! Lemme tell ‘ya:

Sony BMG Greece Hacked

I decided yesterday I wasn't going to post this, yet here we are. Seems I emailed this to myself and forgot about it. When scanning my email this morning, I thought my own account had been compromised. Again. So, here it is: - Login Accounts on Sony BMG Greece Site Compromised: "Security woes continue to plague the Sony Corporation, this time the latest attack stems from their Greece based website The attack has compromized the logins and passwords of thousands of customers. However, this hack wasn't nearly as sophisticated as the PSN hacks. It appears the hacker utilized an automated SQL injection tool, which requires more patience than skill."

Redmond Does Manga? Microsoft Premieres Cloud Girl.

Sitting down? Microsoft has just released the first chapter of its new online manga Cloud Girl - Mado to Kumo to Aoi Sora-(Cloud Girl: Windows, Clouds, and Azure Skies). Yes, really.

The manga follow Claudia, mighty mascot of Microsoft’s Windows Azure and hero of cloud computing, as she travels from panel to panel freeing people from the repressive yolk of things like hardware, driver updates, and data security. Claudia apparently also possesses the ability to stabilize network connections in her vicinity long enough to make cloud computing appear viable. Comic books are like that, ya know.

Check it out over at Microsoft Japan.

Movie Night : Godzilla Final Wars Streaming Online via Crackle

From the “because it’s cool I could” category, here is Godzilla: Final Wars! Why should you care? Because in the first THREE MINUTES of the movie, Godzilla fights a drill-sub in Antarctica. Yep! All the goods up front. Enjoy!

From Crackle: Godzilla: Final Wars

*edit* Bugger it all! why give me the option to get an embed code when the embedded window just says it won’t work?! Now everyone has to go watch Ask Grandpop again! Thanks Crackle…

Hulu Plus Coming To TiVo : It’s Just Like TV… But On Your TV!

Ars Technica is reporting that Hulu has just released Hulu Plus for TiVo systems. Now you can finally get Hulu’s wealth of commercial-ridden, over-syndicated, streaming quality television programming pumped right back into a giant set top box next to your TV for a mere $8 per month.

GUO has to wonder if this synergy between the two worst deals in video subscriptions on the market today could create a deal so rotten, so wasteful, so totally devoid of value, that it could very well crash the world’s markets.

And what of The Children?! Should they have to grow up knowing that that there is even the OPTION, let alone a paid one, of getting Hulu on TiVo? TiVo! TiVo was created to save us from having to watch the crap that’s on Hulu! Hulu was created to shovel off that crap no one watched anymore (thanks to TiVo) onto Internet geeks and college students. Now you can have it all back, at reduced quality, for a mere $8 a month? Woo.

On The Perils of Social Network Communications :

Because that’s when I noticed I missed that little ‘Private’ check box two weeks ago. Ah, the future…

Google AdSense Account Disabled For Being Too "Smart"

I had done the unthinkable! I had blundered into a strange ad about a trending topic and channeled the Twiterverse into ad clicks. I was finally gonna earn a buck for all the work I do here!

It wasn’t actually a new or radical ideal. I mean, this is a medium where the latest Geico commercial pulls several hundred thousand views on YouTube, but for my little site buried down here in the toe jam of the ‘Net, it was cool.

Shortly after GUO’s popularity spike started at the beginning of May, I applied for a Google AdSense account. I didn’t actually think I had enough traffic to make any real money, but maybe it could cover the DNS registration and some of the Xtranormal bills. Google doesn’t even provide the most basic of guidelines as to potential income or click-thru rates. It’s a try-and-see kinda deal. AdSense’s terms and conditions also read a little like the rules of Fight Club. It’s even against the program contract to discuss even the vaguest notion of numbers in combination with the name AdSense (spoiler alert: about $0.50 per 2k page views is what a week’s worth of total guesswork and speculation conclude).

I tried it. I saw. I finally had the data that piqued my curiosity. This wasn’t worth the performance hit to the blog nor the page space of the ads. Not for me.

Back in the old days, people understood why the ads were there. It was the hat on the sidewalk in front of your performance. You stayed, consumed your chosen slice of entertainment, and popped open an ad on your way out to your home page to put a nickel in the hat. Now? Did you know it is a violation of the AdSense policies to tell someone to click on an ad? There are a TON more people on the ‘Net now than there used to be who may not know. And what about all those people who need you to shake the hat a bit to remind them? No. I was just supposed to leave that damn hat there in the middle of my Inuyahsa inspired breakdance routine and pretend like it didn’t exist. Pfft! There had to be a better way.

That’s when I saw It. Such a bizarre little ad that I was taken aback.sonyad

Sony had Google ads pointing people to their downtime notice? Well… That’s just freaking bizarre!

Teh Twitterz agreed. In two days Sony Buying Google Ads for Playstation Network PSN Down Time Notification? would double the pageviews of any other post I had ever made here. Ad clicks were in the hundreds! I did it! I turned a commercial into relevant news! I had-


-tripped off every anti-fraud warning known to Google engineers.

GUO Special Report : Hatsune Miku Is Better Than You

In this episode, Special Report examines the sociological ramifications of the Vocaloid idol Hatsune Miku.

Review : Eternal Legacy HD (iPhone/iPad) : If Final Fantasy 13 was a Bad Dreamcast Game

Where should I go? Follow the big blue arrow to the guy with the icon over his head?That’s it. That’s the short version. Final Fantasy 13. On a Dreamcast. As produced by Cheapest Hong Kong Bidder. In HD!

Honestly, that’s about all I have to say about that. If you don’t understand that reference, you should not even consider this game for purchase. Ever. At any price. Don’t bother with the time to download it if it goes free.
If you are looking for a deep, strategic combat system, tons of loot, or interesting level-up mechanics, walk away now. Give it a shot if you can pick it up as a freebie or you just gotta have a fix of JPRG.

Hacktivist Group Anonymous Splinters Yet Again

Reporter, author, and Anonymous mouthpiece Barrett Brown states he is leaving the group along with two dozen other members to form Project PM, a group supporting organizations that want to expose pro-government and pro-corporate bias in the media.

"I'm tired of the drama," Brown told Threatpost in a phone interview May 10. "You've got kids fighting for control of an IRC channel. I'm a researcher. I'm into revolutionary stuff. But there are other people for whom its about exerting power," he said.

Threat Post has a fantastic article up covering all of this and a history of Anonymous’ recent problems

Sony blah blah Hack blah. Not Playstation Network.

sony_logo_targetSigh. One more time: Huffington Post is reporting two new ‘issues’ with Sony’s online infrastructure:

1. A subsidiary of Sony has discovered that someone brute-forced user IDs and passwords to make off with $1,225 worth of PSN points from across 128 customer accounts. Guess where that info came from?

2. Sony’s Thailand website has been jacked and redirected to a credit card phishing scam.

Just in case you haven’t gotten the message yet, don’t connect to Sony’s online anything. Duh. If you just can’t help yourself, don’t enter your real personal information. Duh. Finally, don’t use the same password for everything. Double-Duh. I also need to stop deleting all my funny Sony pics. Duh.

US CDC Publishes Zombie Apocalypse Preparedness Plan

579870-popcap-plants-versus-zombies-nEvery once in a great while, a hip young mind manages to worm its way through the mire of antiquated dinosaur bureaucrats in order to make a relevant voice heard. One such event occurred this week as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention posted what could have been a routine disaster preparation guide as Preparedness 101: Zombie Apocalypse.

The article is sprinkled with bloody good zombie pictures and the forward shows real knowledge and affection for the pop culture genre. It is a wonderful way of ‘tricking’ people into reading the usual information that so many of us would have rolled our eyes at reading again. With so much effort is spent in developing ‘edutainment’ for children, it is surprising that this tactic is seldom used for other demographics. Adults need to have their stodgy old lessons razzle-dazzled once in a while, too! “One gallon of water per person per day.” Yeah, yeah, I know. Put this fact in a ‘Zombie Survival Guide’? Ooo! I gotta remember that! Zombies, tee-hee.

As an added bonus, the viral phenomenon of social networking is spreading this information to a great many more people than would have otherwise consumed it. When learning is fun, everyone wants to do it. When it brings a smile, you want to share it. I know I wouldn’t have posted an article on “General Emergency Preparedness: 2011 edition”, yet here we are.

A tip of my brain to Ali S. Khan for bringing a little fun back to the things grown-ups need to study.

Shuttle Endeavor Crew Takes Googler’s Questions on YouTube

The live broadcast is over, but you can catch the replay below. Q&A starts around 12 minutes in.

State of the Homestead–May 2011

The Mrs. and I have been hit bad by the creeping crud. The good news is that it isn’t bronchitis again (I can’t believe I know how to spell that now Winking smile). We seem to have BG’s stomach flu from this weekend. The good news is that BG only had it for 2 days, so here’s hoping!

It’s looking a lot like BG is going to be returned to her parents in a few more months. So… there’s that. Guess I’ll… I dunno; Stick an Amazon search over there instead of a baby picture. Classy. Liz jokes that she’ll just be back in six months anyway, LOL.

Lots of changes here at GUO! I’ve really been trying to ‘step it up’ both in terms of content and style. I remember loving a site called Gone Gold back in the day. Sure, you went there for the news and articles, but every so often the guy who ran it, Rich LaPorte, would just kinda fireside chat. He was a police officer who got, IIRC, shot in the back. Gone Gold was his little side project to keep busy and reach out. Eventually things got too bad for him to continue, but it’s always been an inspiration. I miss the smaller, more personal Internet.

Oops! Tangent. Anyway, yeah, new stuff. I especially like the ‘related posts’ thing. Between the improvements, content generation, and sticking duct tape on the busted stuff, I might miss something in testing. Feel free to email or comment anywhere if you notice something busted. I’m also concerned about the site’s speed, so if its been getting slower, try to see what its stuck on loading and let me know. The iPad seems to be choking on those new share buttons, but Liz’s phone works okay.

Still doing Special Report. It’s a fun little show to make. Much less involved than Ask Grandpop. Being able to render it locally helps a lot, too. The last episode was a flop, but I saw it coming. No buzz worthy words in the title. “Playstation” and “iPhone” are much more popular YouTube searches than “identity theft”, LOL. Kind of a shame. I felt that one was particularly good, if a little long. It’s also interesting that SR is a VERY love-or-hate it kind of show. Interaction rate is high. According to the stats, if you use Twitter on a cell phone, you are just gonna HATE Special Report. Funny that!

PSN is Nothing; Siemens PLCs Have a Security Flaw. i.e. World=BOOM!

hack boom"We will demonstrate how motivated attackers could penetrate even the most heavily fortified facilities in the world, without the backing of a nation state."

Thus read the description of a recently canceled security hacking presentation regarding the creation of industrial grade malware targeting a known security flaw in the Siemens PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) systems. These little widgets you’ve probably never heard of before are the systems that control valves in factories, power plants, and warships. The presentation was originally scheduled to take place after Siemens had fixed the problem with the system, however the presentation was canceled after Siemens’ latest update did not plug the hole.

PLCs have been a great security concern since the discovery of the Stuxnet worm, the nigh unstoppable virus believed to have stalled the Iranian nuclear program. A decrypted form of Stuxnet is in the hands of hacktivist group Anonymous who released to code online to everyone earlier this year.

Sleep tight!

Yes, Sony and Playstation Network Were Hacked Again

sony_psn_condemnedPSN is once again down for “maintenance” as Sony puts another coat of paint on their screen door security. It seems there are two problems at the moment. The first involves the fact that anyone who has your email and birthdate can change you password. Obviously this is a bit of a problem as all that data was stolen in the first major Playstation Network hack. The second issue is that Sony’ website logons for PSN don’t seem to bother to check if the security token is valid.

Sony CEO Howard Stringer called the PSN hack "..a hiccup in the road to a network future."

Sony still refuses to address the underlying problems.

Time to go back to the list of things to do.

Noir in the First Person

Whether it’s Blair Witch or Cloverfield or even the only good sequence of the Doom movie, whenever filmmaking attempts to tell its story in the first person it is heralded and ‘new’ or ‘revolutionary’. Well, feast your eyes upon the trailer for the 1946 Philip Marlowe movie Lady in the Lake:

While Robert Montgomery may be credited as the lead (and director), thanks to clever camera work Lady in the Lake successfully fulfills its promise of putting you in the staring role as the legendary detective. The occasional mirror gag only deepens the impact of just how successfully this film pulls off its unique style.

…And the movie ain’t half bad, either! Lady in the Lake features a delightfully abrasive Marlowe in a twisted murder mystery set against the Christmas holiday. I could not find this movie streaming online anywhere, but it has been released on DVD and occasionally pops up on the Tunner Classics Movies cable channel.

We Have Found an 'Habitable' Planet!

Gliese 581dIt’s warm, it’s wet, and it’s a mere 300,000 year trip away!

Meet Gliese 581d, a world twice the size of Earth. It orbits the red dwarf star Gliese a mere (on an astronomical scale) 20 light years away.

While this is not the first discovery of Gliese 581d, it had been written off previously as a candidate for life. New reports of the system have changed that opinion.

Cosmos Magazine has all the skinny here and here as does Dvice.

Reaction to Sony’s “Welcome Back” Playstation Network program? Stuff it!

PSN and SOE are back online (except in Japan) and Sony is looing to kiss and make up. What are they offering? A couple of free video games, 30 days to their subscription services, a handful of movie rentals, and some virtual crap for their Second Life clone, Playstation Home. Technically they are also offering one year of credit monitoring, yet that offer is strangely omitted from their announcement.

Sony is responsible for the second largest data breach in history. 77 million customers had their names, addresses, gender, birthdate, email, password, credit card number, and expiration date stolen from a service that couldn’t be bothered to patch their web servers or install a basic firewall. Furthermore, Sony failed to take proactive measures in their other online divisions and the door was left open for ANOTHER 24 million customers to be victimized.  Now, Sony plans to make it all go away for a couple of old, underperforming video games and a weekend on the couch watching movies. Really? This is a childish bribe to a very grown up problem.

Qwiki : Wikipedia From the Future to Your iPad or Browser

Remember that scene in the beginning of David Lynch’s Dune where Paul is studying on a tablet computer while it narrates and shows video of the major players and planets? It was a wonderful way of intenerating necessary background information that most movies would cover with a text crawl. It is also now available for your planet.

Sony Online and PSN Restart Blocked by Japanese Government

sonyonlinemay2Notice something odd about the Playstation Network’s recent resurrection? North America and Europe came online first. Japan gets everything Sony first! What’s up?

According to Nikkei (Japan’s version of Dow Jones), Sony has refused to prove that they have met the security standards laid out by the Japanese government:

"He listed two areas where it requires further explanation before approval will be given following the incidents regarding its PlayStation Network and Sony Online Entertainment videogame services.

"The first is preventative measures. As of May 13, Sony was incomplete in exercising measures that they said they will do on the May 1 press conference," he said, adding that he could not provide details on the outstanding issues for security reasons.”

Yep! Sony says they are now too secure to prove how secure they are… To the government… About your credit card number. Charming.

Deal? Velocity Micro Cruz 7” Android Tablet $79.99 on Woot has the Cruz Reader as their deal of the day for $85 after shipping. The Mrs. actually bought one of these quite some time ago using her Border’s Rewards’ points. Out of the box, this thing isn’t going to do a whole lot for you. It has a resistive touch screen, Android 1.6, painfully slow performance, and no access to the official Android store. The good news is that after trying out several different firmware loadouts from Slatedroid, I was able to turn this little guy into a halfway decent Android platform. Video playback is still screwy, but all of the other problems were corrected. If you’ve got money to burn… well, actually just wait. It’s going to be raining cheap android tablets by Christmas.

*Note: seems to be down as of this writing.

Watch the Final Flight of Shuttle Endeavour Live Anywhere

endeavour final photoThe space shuttle Endeavour is schedule to launch from Cape Canaveral for the last time on Monday, May 16, at 8:56 a.m. (Easter Daylight savings time). NASA TV is already broadcasting live and in HD.  As this is the next to last shuttle launch, it seems a shame that anyone would miss out. Here’s a list of ways for you to watch from your device of choice:

  • Using a PC? Your golden! Just head on over to the NASA TV web site.
  • iPhone and iPod Touch on iOS 3.0 or better users can grab the free NASA App from iTunes.
  • iPads running iOS 3.2 or higher can use the NASA App HD. It is free in the iTunes store.
  • Android users are gonna be hit or miss. NASA’s new service for Android is fresh out of beta. Fire up your browsers and head over to There should be a "Watch NASA TV Live" link at the top. More details are available on NASA’s blog.
  • Blackberry users may be able to get around the “Unrecognized browser” error using this link.

Know of another way? Drop a line in the comments.

Missed it? Here is a link to NASA’s video.

Playstation Network Coming Back Up. PSN Lives Again!

zombiePSNReadWriteWeb is reporting that, after nearly a month of silence, PSN is showing signs of life!

"Sony has flipped the switch to bring its Playstation Network back on line, after a lengthy, three-week outage. Sony Corporation Executive Deputy President Kazuo Hirai said that services would be brought back online in phases, and that first phase was underway.

Hirai said that this would include sign-in for the Playstation Network and the Qriocity music services and online gameplay for PS3 and PSP. Users have to upgrade their firmware and change their passwords before they can log back in to the network."

Twitter seems to confirm it. I'd love to check this out for myself, but there's a sick Baby Girl in my lap doing her best Exorcist impression on my third change of clothes tonight. And to think that just this afternoon I was pondering a change in the "Fanboy vs Fatherhood" subtitle. LOL.

*Update* It’s official! PSN is back! There is a map showing which regions are up and a video announcement from Kaz Hirai on the Playstation Blog here.

Special Report: Protecting Yourself From Hackers

In this very special special, Special Report outlines its 3 part plan for protecting your identity online during the recent surge of hacks.That’s one HOT episode! You can always check out the full series of Special Report here or on the GUO YouTube Channel.

Review: Road Blaster HD (iOS/iPad): A Treat for Anime Fans and Retro Gamers

IMG_0059Road Blaster (aka Road Avenger) has been around a long time now. Created for arcades by Data East in 1985 in conjunction with legendary anime studio Toei Animation, Road Blaster was one of the later titles in the genre of animated LaserDisc games that began with the revolutionary Dragon’s Lair. Since then it has been ported to a number of systems including the Sega CD, Saturn, 3DO, and Playstation. This time it’s Revolutionary Concepts at the helm for the iOS iteration.

Hack Attack! Eidos and Hacked, User and Employee Data Stolen

hack dropsFirst up, has been hacked once again. A database of employee user names and passwords. The listing has been published online and affected users with common logon/passwords have also reported edits to their profiles on sites such as Twitter and LinkedIn. This attack is being credited to a group known as Lulz Security.

Secondly, Eidos has lost 9,000 resumes as well as the 80,000 user’s data from the Deus Ex: Human Revolution site. PC gamer is crediting this attack to the splinter group of Anonymous that some believe may have brought down the Playstation Network.

*Update* Wired is reporting Square Enix’s statement that “Hackers might have accessed up to 25,000 e-mail addresses and 350 résumés during an attack on game developer Eidos Interactive’s websites”

Finally, there are rumors buzzing that PSN may be hit again this weekend. If you haven’t already gotten a clue, Slappy the Clue-by-4 would like to remind you not to use the same username and password for every site on the Internet.

Sony Buying Google Ads for Playstation Network PSN Down Time Notification?

This was an odd one! Is Sony spending advertising dollars to update the masses on the PSN outage?


Above is a clipped screenshot of the add. Following the link leads to Qriocity customer service with a summary of this whole mess. Here’s the link.

Vocaloids Ahoy! Hatsune Miku and Friends in Concert at LA Anime Expo

Animal_king_takeover_cropAnime Expo (AX) 2011 has just announced that that Hatsune Miku, along with fellow virtual pop stars Rin, Len and Luka, will be appearing on stage in all their 3D holographic glory in a concert based on the recent “39's Giving Day” show in Japan.

Anime News Network is scooping the details as they emerge. For now, here’s an eight minute medly from Miku:

+22 Nerd Cred if you can connect the joke in the pic Winking smile

Don’t Update That iPhone or iPad! Wi-Fi Bug Returns in iOS 4.3.3

Internet scuttlebutt has it that the ‘Randomly drops Wi-Fi’ bug from last year has reared its ugly head once again. It seems that several users are having disconnects after upgrading to 4.3.3. ReadWriteWeb has compiled a list of user’s complaints on this issue:

ipad_nowifiiPhone 4 says it connects to the Wi-Fi network, but the Wi-Fi icon never appears

Wi-Fi keeps disconnecting and reconnecting on its own

Can no longer use Wi-Fi at all unless within close proximity to the router

Can't connect to Wi-Fi at all on device running 4.3.3, but devices running 4.3.1 have no trouble on same network

Wi-Fi won't work, and resetting network settings doesn't fix

Wi-Fi shows signal, but device can't connect to the Internet

Of course, I’m stuck here on the back end of a Blogger outage, so who knows when this will go up. While we’re on the topic, don’t update ANYTHING when the patches first come out. Unless there is a problem I know I need fixed, I usually wait a week or two for reports to come out and bug fixes to be issued. If things are running fine, it could be argued that there is no reason to update at all.

Library of Congress Launches Free National Jukebox Online

Ooooo! I get to mention Sony without typing “Playstation Network” or making a snarky comment about how they consider locking the door to the server room network security. Damnit! Anyhoo…

“The Library of Congress and Sony Music Entertainment today unveiled a new website of over 10,000 rare historic sound recordings available to the public for the first time digitally. The site is called the "National Jukebox" (” –press release.

The new site features a wide range of recordings from 1901 to 1925 in all their wonderfully scratchy, un-mastered glory. Of particular note is Livery Stable Blues by Original Dixieland Jazz Band, the first jazz record ever made.

However the one ‘do not miss attraction’ of the new site has to be wonderfully restored 1919 Victrola Book of the Opera. Weighing in at 436 pages, Book of the Opera describes 110 operas with text, classical artwork, and photos of performers, theaters, and costumes Book of the Opera even links to the music discussed. Fun Fact: This massive tome used to cost 75 cents. Hey, Library of Congress! This thing would make one heck of an iPad app! Just sayin’.

Google’s ‘Chromebook’ Netbook is Coming! Why Would You Want One?

Google has at long last revealed the production models of its intriguing CR-48 Chromium netbook. Let’s skip all the marketing fluff and jump right into the tech specs and pricing, shall we?

First up is Acer’s offering: The cleverly named Acer Chromebook:

  • Intel ATOM Processor NM10 (1.66Ghz dual core)
  • 11.6" LED (WXGA) 1368x768
  • 1.3 Mega Pixel HD webcam
  • 16GB, Solid State Drive (mSATA)
  • Wi-Fi model: $350; G3: Unknown

Secondly, we have Samsung’s model: The Samsung Series 5 Chromebook:

  • Intel ATOM Processor N570 1.66Ghz (Hyperthreaded dual core)
  • 12.1" LED (WXGA) 1280x800
  • 1 Mega Pixel HD webcam
  • 16GB, Solid State Drive (mSATA)
  • Wi-Fi: $430; 3G: $500

As if the netbook market didn’t already have the stigma of overpromising and underperforming, now we have these new albatrosses. Where is the market for these when a full blown laptop with three times the power can be had for $450 or financed for $20 a month from Dell? Is it the light weight, instant on, and long battery life? If so, there are a couple of 1,000 pound gorillas that would like to have a word with you:


Yup, Windows Phone 7 Tracks You Too

Congress went over to the House that Gates built and inquired about this whole 'Cell phone tracking thing’ that’s going around. Microsoft responded that, yes, they do indeed know the locations of all 4 of the people using Windows Phone 7 handsets. Furthermore, Microsoft states that this information is no longer important and plan to remove it in a planned update:

"Given the declining utility of device identifiers, Microsoft recently discontinued its storage and use of device identifiers," Lees states on page 5 of the letter. "Further, as part of its next scheduled update to existing Windows Phone 7 devices, updated devices will no longer send device identifiers to the location service and new phones arriving this fall will not send device identifiers to the location service."

Not much use, but they put it into their brand new OS anyway. Microsoft previously denied that Windows Phone 7 stored its user’s location in an article for PC Magazine.

Do as I say, not as I do. Actually, don’t do what I say either.

It seems that at least once I week I find myself saying “I probably shouldn’t have shown you that", while participating in some activity with BG. Today’s parenting fail? Granola bars can be disassembled to get at the juicy raisins inside. Good thing I have a vacuum for every occasion.

Video: Portal 2 Writer Lectures at NYU Game Center

Portal 2 may not be as smart as its predecessor, but it is every bit as clever. Below is the lecture one of the game’s writers, Erik Wolpaw (Old Man Murray, Psychonauts), given at the NYU Game Center School discussing the development of Portal 2. You’ve probably already seen some out of context quotes from this interview-styled speech around the ‘Net. Here’s your chance to see the whole 82 minute presentation. NOTE: Minor spoilers for a couple of jokes.

Game Center Lecture Series- Erik Wolpaw from NYU Game Center on Vimeo.

5 Evil Things To Do While Playstation Network Is Down

Been dying to try out Portal 2’s co-op mode? Need some new Rock Band songs? Boy are you S.O.L. The worse news is that it’s gonna stay that way for a while. Never fear, the eggheads in the Growing Up Otaku Lulz Lab have painstakingly researched 5 evil ways to take your vengeance.

#5 Jailbreak Your Playstation 3 or PSP

jailbreak_386x375Why not? What’s Sony gonna do? Kick you off of PSN? Your PS3 is going to spend two hours updating and resetting its firmware when the network comes back up anyway. Go nuts! Install a FTP server on it; Play a homebrewed version of Tetris; Heck, install Linux!

#4 Grief Other Players Online

makelovenocraftYou know what’s not fair? Other people are still playing online while you can’t. WTF! Go into free MMOs and spam global chat offering to sell rare items you don’t have. Blast Justin Bieber music through your microphone in Need for Speed World while driving backwards. Offer to water Farmville crops for all your Facebook friends… Then don’t!

#3 Hack Sony

Hacker_d70focus_1It sure doesn’t seem to be very hard. Did you know that the Sony Style store is still online happily selling laptops, TVs, cameras, and even issuing credit cards? There is no down time for people who want to give Sony money, only those who want to use the Sony product they bought.

#2 Buy a Giant TV

samsung-3d-620x462Look at that thing! Wouldn’t that look sweet in the bedroom? You know that certain someone who won’t let you buy it? “No, I didn’t order that. Must have been the hackers. Well, it would cost a fortune to send back. Let’s just keep it.”

#1 Play Xbox 360

xbox v ps3 girlsYeah, we went there! Swear off one uncaring, monolithic, international corporation for another. That’ll show them you’ve learned your lesson. Meet your new boss; Same as the old boss. But firewalled. Hopefully.

Osama bin Laden The Musical

Wow... Just wow...

Playstation Network Not Fully Operational Until May 31

sony_psn_condemnedBloomberg is reporting that Sony is still hip deep in the process of rebuilding their shattered online infrastructure. The exact time frame for restoring services (and which services first) is still unknown. Tokyo based Sony mouthpiece Shigenori Yoshida is reported to have stated that Sony is planning to have all online services operational by May 31st. Sony had originally planned a partial restart on May 1st before being hacked. Again.

Let’s hope they bother to turn on the firewall this time.

Special Report: Modern Warfare 3 First Details

GUO reporters Shad and Freuda have been putting in long hours to bring you the first EXCLUSIVE! details of the eagerly anticipated game Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. Enjoy!

Bonus points if you got the schadenfreude joke Winking smile

From the Mouths of My Babes

IMG_0820The girls were busy getting their stuff together for work and school this morning where I heard BG spout off her latest mantra.

“Juice? No more juice.”

“Nope. No more juice. All done.”


My spine stiffened. This was new. She’s been going through quite the independent phase already and now were were going to need to rationalize and justify the Ways of the World? Egad. Yet there was no denying it. It was clear as a bell; The question to end all questions. Fortunately, the Mrs. didn’t miss a beat:

“You’re not supposed to ask ‘Why’ until you’re three.”

Osama bin Meta

vlcsnap-2011-05-08-15h14m03s43Released by the U.S. government, May 7, 2011, this video shows Osama bin Laden watching himself on TV. The U.S removed audio from the video to prevent the spread of Al-Qaeda propaganda. GUO engineers have corrected this issue with an all new audio track. Enjoy!

Also available ‘with Style!’