Microsoft is Kitten Around With You to Support The Humane Society

cuteCloudYou’ll doubtless be bumbling into all manner of Internet foolery today, but Microsoft’s Bing search service is shooting straight to the heart for a good cause. Welcome to the Cute Cloud.

Yessir, Bing is decked out with all manner of frolicking furballs to celebrate the beginning of April. While web sites redecorating for April 1 is nothing new, doing it for charity is something of a rarity. What’s no joke is The Cute Cloud’s message asking folks to donate to The Humane Society.

Every day The Humane Society scrapes by on donations and an army of volunteers to prevent animal cruelty, care for unwanted pets, and offer aid to underprivileged pet owners. Even GUO’s own anime-loving Mrs. &  offspring spend several hours a week making sure our homeless, furry friends get the snuggly attention they crave.

Oh, and if you were thinking about getting the kids their very own, real-life Easter Bunny, check ‘em out. They’ve got bunnies! Cheap!

Whether you’re looking for looking to stuff your eyeball full of kittens in cups or out to change the world, that other search engine has your ticket!