A Snapshot of Facebook in 2010 | Facebook

A Snapshot of Facebook in 2010 | Facebook

Here's a free sample of your private data Facebook is giving away for free on it's front page. Enjoy!

Next year I wanna see Ask Grandpop on that list. Got it ;)

Eek! Aliens in the Laundry!

Picture 73I bought Chloe a bucket of these little guys and they’ve been doing deep recon around the house for the past week. These two are fresh from the washing machine. I am sure they are the first of many.

The FCC Wants to Regulate the Internet

Net neutrality. Yes, again. Look, I read an article that claim in a poll only %21 of people are pro net neutrality. Why? Because it was framed similarly to the sensational headline on this post. Your gonna hear net neutrality twisted as “The FCC wants to regulate the internet just like it does TV and radio". This is incorrect. The FCC wants to regulate ISPs (Internet Service Providers) such as Comcast, AT&T, and Verizon to ensure all data and devices are considered equal.

Just… ya know. Heads up.

Still Don't Think We Need to Reform IP Laws?

Gibson Forces Wowwee to Pull Paper Jamz Guitars: "

One of the favorite toys of the season was the Paper Jamz guitar and amp. Sadly, Gibson didn’t think it was so great and sued the manufacturer, WowWee, for infringing on their image. See, the Paper Jamz may be made of paper, but they kind of look like the Gibson, so the guitar company sued them for trademark infringement, suggesting that WowWee claimed that the guitars “looked like” Gibsons. While this is untrue, Target and a number of other stores have pulled the toys.

via Crunchgear via Techdirt

Quirky Digits Makes Any Gloves Touchscreen-Friendly

Someone asked me about gloves with touchscreens. Or maybe it was a stylus... Whatever. I'm still infested with folks' offspring, so here is this thing:

Quirky Digits Makes Any Gloves Touchscreen-Friendly: "

Anyone that’s ever done the remove-a-glove-to-use-a-phone dance should appreciate the Quirky Digits. It’s simple, really. These little pins transfer your body’s magically power to use a touchscreen through your gloves to little conductive pads on the other side. $13.99 nets buyers a 4-pack for either totally equipping one set of gloves for multitouch goodness or spreading the love over four pairs.

Recap the beginning of the WWWWI

The World Wide Web War 1™ began this year. About six months ago. You read, you know. Stuxnet, Operation Payback, Wikileaks, Viacom v Google, Google v China, humanity v Comcast, Zeus botnet, US government illegally seizing web domains, Amazon, Paypal, and Vista bow down before Joe Liberman, etc.
Whether or not you are picking a side or sitting it out, EVERYONE needs to know what is going on with the ‘Net right now. Seriously. The fight over who (or no one) controls the future of global communications has started. Wired has an… acceptable recap of this here.

Knowing is half the battle. Welcome to the future. William Gibson was right.

Ed. I'm gonna pull a couple of quotes because you won't click thru:

“A lot of really important stuff happened this year that forces us to begin to think about that there are so many people who depend on private companies to enjoy the fruits of technology,” said Cindy Cohn, the Electronic Frontier Foundation’s legal director. “If the private company stands up for us we have rights, and if it doesn’t, we don’t.”

More than anything, the online protests exposed a generational struggle for the heart and soul of the net. It’s a high-stakes conflict between corporations that have grown fat and powerful off the web over nearly two decades and the first generation to grow up with the modern internet as a daily element in their lives.
Both sides believe the internet belongs to them. If history is a guide, it would be unwise to bet against the kids over the establishment.

F U Sony Playstation 3

Day after Xmas. I’ve got a shiny new PS3 game and BOTH the baby and Mrs. are down for a nap. I tear off the shrink wrap and stuff it into the console. Tossing aside the stacks of children’s Christmas DVDs, I plunk down with a grin and a controller.

The game needs to download a patch for 30 minutes.

It cannot download in the background so I could play a different game or use the media center.

Didn’t even see a title screen. Guess it still has to install to the hard drive too.

I guess it’s a Christmas miracle the damn thing didn’t need to spend 20 minutes updating its firmware this time… yay…

Epic Cardboard Gundam [Pic]

Epic Cardboard Gundam [Pic]: "Epic Cardboard Gundam [Pic]
December 24, 2010 by Geeks are Sexy

Don’t Understand Net Neutrality? Here’s a pic!

This is what happens without Net Neutrality. This slide is from the fine folks at Allot Communications re: their new “Openet” mobile data use. Net Neutrality says this is a “no-no” and all data must be treated the same. 


Christmas Light Display as Video Game

I recognized this driveway as soon as I started the video Winking smile Yep, it’s the guy who put Guitar Hero in his Christmas display last year. This year he has an all new game!

Picking on iPhone 4 is like spitting on roadkill

Katherine told me that she and her boyfriend were disappointed in the iPhone episode of Ask Grandpop. They were looking forward to 3 minutes of iPhone mocking.


That's one of the first jokes of the episode. Why do it anymore? After "It only drops calls when you hold it," where can you go? I guess you could mention the fact that it shatters if you take in and out of the case too much. See? Its like the XBox 360. No jokes. Everyone knows the facts. No one ever talks recall. People know what they're getting into.

Economy can't be that bad...

JoCo for the Hollidays

The whole damn ‘Net’s gone to hell lately: Illegal domain seizures, cyber gangs, proliferation of DDoS weapons, leaks, hacks, theft. The Wikileaks story climaxing with the arrest of Operation Payback coordinator was so amazing I felt I didn’t have the time to do it justice here (that's why I have the newsfeed). BTW, if you haven’t changed your passwords for everything, you really need to go do that now. Go ahead. I’ll be here Winking smile

Anyway, I need a little pick-me-up. Let’s check in with Jonathan Coulton, a true friend of The Internet, and the inhabitants of Chiron Beta Prime:

China deploys knockoff Gundam statue

China deploys knockoff Gundam statue: "China deploys knockoff Gundam statue

China has overtaken Japan as the number two economy, but that hasn't stopped the country's bootleg masters from erecting their own version of the famed giant Gundam robot statue.


All my girls accounted for and snuggled down for the night. The big ones, little ones, college one, the crazy one, and the married one. (Well, I guess baby2 is still ?, but lets let Grandpop have his moment Winking smile)

Whew… Should be smooth until Christmas week. I hope.

Teddy Bear Bouquet

$55 shipped air from Japan. Very cute.

Cami is off with her mom tonight. Ya know why? $8 in overnight shipping is why! Stupid Murphy’s Law thing. Won’t be the last we’ll see of her this weekend, I’m sure. If nothing else, we drive her back to the meeting spot with Dad. Yeah. We were always on the docket for baby taxi Eye rolling smileStill, Grandpop beats the hell out of Step-Father. You’ve go NO chance as a Step-Parent. Grandparent automatically gets reverence. Quite heavy holding up 3 generations tho… Long way to go, but I’m starting to see a bit of progress.

New Phonebook

Seems I have a lot to blog this morning… Anyway, just got a phonebook dropped off. Not even The Phonebook; One of those oddball phonebooks. Such a waste. I think there is an opt-out for this somewhere. Ah, well. At least the phonebook gave me an excuse to stop cleaning and sit down to tap this out Winking smile

Freeze, Burn, Spear, and Catapult Google’s Chromium Netbook

Here’s Google’s commercial for their new netbook. Many netbooks were harmed in its making

Otaku-Verse Zero

These guys just started their podcast. Its very refreshing to see a professionally made video podcast that isn’t about tech. I posted this episode because I thought Brandon would like to see the weapon shop in Japan.

I’m such a nerd

Big Baby Girl still hasn’t gotten to see her mom yet this visit and all I can think is “OMG! She doesn’t even have her own handheld!” LOL

Edit: Amazon got my back! Pink Leapster2 and Spongebob overnighted for $60. Yeah, I know: Christmas. If things go pear shaped (par for the course), I wanna have an ace up my sleeve ;)

Pfft! Babies walking around without LCDs. Might just as well let 'em draw on the wall with feces!
Cami will be here thru Sunday. Can’t believe we got caught by surprise. We only got notice we’d be “supervising” this visit last week, but duh: Should’ve been prepared for Cami to be in our care. Too much other holiday stuff. My new Grandpop skills are working just fine.

XMas is here!

Its been so long since we’ve had to deal with Sarah, I forgot to expect the BS. Cami (Baby 1) is inbound for a couple of days with Mom coincidentally checked into the hospital. My first reaction is “Keep bailing her out and she’ll keep doing the same thing”. My second reaction is “Oh, I kinda get it now.”

Okay, actually my first reaction involves swears that would make George Carlin spin in his grave Winking smile

Sony Suggests Best PS3 Gifts

Let’s define Epic Fail for a second. This is from Sony’s PS3 newsletter:

“Designed to maximize your overall entertainment experience, finding a new Bluetooth Headset, a Surround Sound System, or a “Candy Pink” DualShock 3 wireless controller under the tree is sure to make anyone’s holiday a little brighter this year – at prices starting as low as $49.99(MSRP).”

Really? THIS is what Sony suggests? A headset, a sound bar, and a PINK controller?!

“Whatcha doin?”

“Fraggin’ N00bs with my new pink DualShock! How about you?”

“Chatting on my new $50 bluetooth headset! Sound sucks. Gonna switch it with my cell phone’s headset that cost half as much.”

“Wish I got a game.”

“No, you don’t. Sony suggests ‘any of our newest titles, such as Gran Turismo 5, The Sly Cooper Collection, or SingStar Dance’”


2015: VGA goes Away

AMD, Dell, Intel Corporation, Lenovo, Samsung Electronics LCD Business and LG Display today announced intentions to accelerate adoption of scalable and lower power digital interfaces such as DisplayPort and High-Definition Multimedia Interface® (HDMI) into the PC. Intel and AMD expect that analog display outputs such as Video Graphics Array (VGA) and the low voltage differential signaling technology (LVDS) panel interface would no longer be supported in their product lines by 2015.

I still use a tube monitor. I can’t stand looking at the dot matrix on those LCDs; knowing that they won’t scale correctly; seeing all those squares. Ugh.

No more analog display, in 2015 VGA goes away. ‘No,’ I say! ‘Yes,’ say they. A sad day, when VGA goes away.

Maneuvers and Movement

There’s a punny poop joke in there! Nice to see we’re back on track around here!

There’s been a lot of military movement around here since December started. Lots of Black Helicopters and fighter jets. Saw a whole wing of fighters in formation flying overhead last weekend. Just this morning I saw a black helicopter with a flight of birds tagging along behind it. Would have been cute if I didn’t know those birds were racked out with WiFi snooping devices sponsored by Disney.

Gotta get all the Disney hate out of my system. Once Comcast and NBC merge we’re gonna have a whole new Evil Overlord (and you won’t be getting Netflix anymore).

Cargo! PC game announced

Yeah, I’m gonna bother to write about a game you’ll never hear about again. Why? Because you should see The Void! I’m getting a head of myself here.

PC Gamer has info on Cargo!, the new game from Ice-Pick Lodge and it will probably never see retail in the US. Ice-Pick Lodge first made a game called Pathologic. I’ll review that now:

Gah? Hmm… okay. Okay so this is about- Ow. ow. ow. Ow. OW. Stop it. Ow. STOP IT! F*@k this game! The translation was kinda shaky too.

Then they made The Void. The Color is gone and you have seed some of your own Color then nurture it to grow. Havest the color and feed it to The Sisters to open the way. Not too much! If you run out of color, you die! You also have to fulfill the wishes of The Brothers lest they know you work against them.



Oh, and it seems that feeding the Sisters Color will open the way for they destroyer. or savior. or prior destroyer, now savior? And if you do anything wrong you have to start over because there won’t be enough time or Color to continue. Awesome game! Don’t play it!

So here’s their new game Cargo!


“A short-haired woman in orange overalls and suspenders, meets a god who looks like a giant floating tiki statue. He explains how boredom has prompted him and the others to turn off gravity. Most of Earth’s inhabitants and landmarks have hurtled off into space, and you’re one of the last remaining humans.

In humanity’s place are creatures called Brats. They look like elderly babies, bald and squat, but when you entertain them an element called ‘Fun’ is generated. It’s how you buy back objects from the sky.”

This one I get! I’m not the only one who got a baby dropped on his doorstep it seems. Sing, dance, throw crap around to make the Brats generate Fun so you can get you stuff back out of the garage… er, sky. I’m so in!

Aliens vs. Tron

GET AWAY FROM HER, YOU 01000010 01001001 01010100 01000011 01001000 !!!
from Benni Diez on Vimeo.

Scatological Medicine

Hmm… Spellchecker didn’t find anything wrong with that? Okay, whatever…

Surprise fatherhood has taught me many interesting lessons. For example, I can gauge %70 of the baby’s health from the poop. The Mrs. and I discuss baby poop in great detail. Size, color, consistency, frequency. Bam! Check up in a bag!

Fecal samples should be a standard part of any medical checkup. Might make the bills a little easier to swallow knowing that someone had to paw through a handful of your crap. Eat a lot of eggs and tuna before hand for an extra giggle!

IP Violator Witchhunt Continues

In Iceland, a few kids (aged 15-20) were jailed for running a BitTorrent site. One claims not to have been fed for 28 hours.
It turns out the United States wrote Spain’s anti-piracy law. This was suspected all along.
Joe Lieberman is looking to shut down Wikileaks due to the fact that they have infringed on copyrighted material from the US Government.
After winning the Youtube copyright case, Google has launched a new system to make it easier to submit DMCA takedown request.
Next time on IP Witchhunt: NBC merges with Comcast. Netflix traffic is throttled then capped. Legislators (or those who pay for them) still want neither Net Neutrality nor revisions to the DMCA.
Its turning into a police state out there. In a decade, the Internet will be as useful at getting you content from “everyman” as your cable box is.

Sunday! Sunday! Sunday!

New pics are up in the new Chloe@18mo album (via Picasa in the sidebar (or via email in your inbox ;))

Elizabeth and Chloe are off  to a children's Hanukkah concert this afternoon.

In a vaguely related topic, I could not be more pleased with the Jewish day care thing. I've been %112 satisfied with their service. The activities and the reports we're given are all beyond what I expected from any day care. Especially after seeing some :(

Hello Dolly! Again! and again and again and again!

Dolly the cloned sheep is not dead! Well, she is, but there are more! Have been for a while. Its just that no one thought to mention it. Phft! People wonder why we need WikiLeaks.

Not even death can stop Dolly the cloned sheep 

Dolly was the first mammal ever cloned from an adult cell. She was born in 1996 to three moms and no dad, and after she died in 2003 she was stuffed and put on display in a museum in Scotland. But now, she's back. Four of her.

Four genetic duplicates of Dolly are alive and well in Scotland, after having been cloned from some of the original tissue samples that had been sitting in a freezer for ten years. They were born in 2007, and have been living as pets at Nottingham University ever since, but nobody really knew about them until the professor in charge happened to mention their existence at a recent lecture. Surprise!

It took 277 tries to clone Dolly the first time, but it only took five tries to clone each one of these new Dollies. And while the original Dolly only lived to age six (about half the average age of her species), Dollies two through five aren't exhibiting any of the health problems that Dolly one had.

Peeking at a persnickety preschooler

from Elizabeth:


Chloe was very cheerful when she got up at 6:15.  She ate breakfast after kissing the Christmas tree.  She  blew it kisses all through breakfast.  She was wheezing alot so I gave her a breathing treatment which helped.  She seemed better after the treatment.  She even helped me give her the treatment and did not even need a video to do it.  Then she went and kissed her green dreidel.

She is wearing her new blue jean jacket she got from Diane today.

Miss Jessica says she has been getting winded and fatigued at school -  so she probably needs to have the treatments more regularly. 

Also I gave her tylenol this morning for teething.

Amazon ceases WikiLeaks hosting – Tech Products & Geek News | Geek.com

Amazon ceases WikiLeaks hosting – Tech Products & Geek News | Geek.com: "The office of Senator Joseph Lieberman issued a statement which looks to have broken the news of Amazon’s decision. It said:

This morning Amazon informed my staff that it has ceased to host the Wikileaks website. I wish that Amazon had taken this action earlier based on Wikileaks’ previous publication of classified material. The company’s decision to cut off Wikileaks now is the right decision and should set the standard for other companies Wikileaks is using to distribute its illegally seized material. I call on any other company or organization that is hosting Wikileaks to immediately terminate its relationship with them."