The Complete Gifts for Every Gamer Guide

The 2011 ESA report on the demographics of gamers indicate that 72% of American households play computer and video games. The average age of those gamers is 37. Buying gifts for more than one person? You definitely have a gamer on your list. And they’re “mature”.

In addition, traditional gaming involving dice, cards, and miniatures certainly hasn't gone away. Quite the contrary. And there are some very exciting and revolutionary new products available for this old-school 'analog' version of gaming

More than just a simple if-then-else gift guide, GUO's Complete Gifts for Every Gamer Guide breaks down the generic 'gamer' into many subdivisions. Our goal was not just to provide gift givers with a simple go-to solution but, with our usual dose of self-denigrating humor, provide a brief bit of insight and commentary on the world of gaming at large.

And entertain. We all like to have fun!

Growing Up Otaku's Complete Gifts for Every Gamer Guide is composed of four parts:
Part 1 - Console Comandos - Xbox, PlayStation, and Wii
Part 2 - Mobile Marauders - Nintendo DS and 3DS, PSP, and Smartphones
Part 3 - Computer Crusaders - Computer gamers, both Windows and Mac, including MMOs and Facebook
Part 4 - Tabletop Traditionalists - Cards, Miniatures, and Board gamers. Also, our pick for small children

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