Make Your Own Miku Vocaloid for Free With Utau

Wanna build your own Hatsune Miku without spending a dime? Boy, oh boy, do I have a deal for you!

There is an open source project that, just like Yamaha’s Vocaloid software, pieces together a sound bank based on the human voice and allows your PC to sing like the synthetic diva it always dreamed of becoming. You can get the shareware software direct from the author’s blog here (fully functional, no expiration, donations appreciated).

There is one tiny little catch: It’s all in Japanese. Don’t Panic!™ Internet’s got your back! Google can translate the site just fine and tireless fan Onkr over at Utau Wiki has translated the user guide into English.

Utau Wiki also contain repositories of voicebanks, character art, and tips for rolling your own virtual idol. Now if we could only get the word out to all those people signing over their dreams to Piapro and Crypton Future Media.


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