CDC Offers Zombie Apocalypse Preparedness eCards and Posters

Back in May I praised the CDC for launching their Zombie Apocalypse Preparedness Plan. Today, I’m ticked to show off a few more bits of zombie goodness brought to you by the U.S. government.

cdc zombieDid you know the CDC has free eCards? Go figure. Added to such card worthy topics as breastfeeding and getting a checkup, you can now nag your friends and family to put together a disaster preparedness kit. After all, you never know when the undead uprising will begin!
Also available are digital versions of zombie preparedness posters. The pre-printed ones are already gone, but using the freely available PDF files any local or online print shop can make one for you.

After the recent earthquake and hurricane people should already have disaster preparedness on the mind, but a little whimsy never hurts either! We don’t need any more stories of the local supermarket selling out of meat the night before a hurricane hits.

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