Deal! HP Touchpad 16GB $100 32GB $150–Updated 8-30

HP TouchPad Wi-Fi 16GB 9.7" Tablet - BlackTechCrunch is saying that, as of August 20, HP’s little tablet that couldn’t will be slashed in price down to $100 CAD. While I recently mocked this device during it’s sale on Woot, $100 is a whole lot less than $380! If you are looking for a new piece of kit and don’t mind the total lack of developer and manufacturer support, this is one to look into.

Update: Looked into it. Yep, true. Don’t bother trying to find one online, though. You’re gonna need to hoof it on down to ye olde brick n’ mortar stores for this one.

Mashable has some tips for those still hunting, but if you don’t have one now…

This deal is now in effect pretty much everywhere. Slickdeals has a obscenely long thread running. Rumor has it that will drop the price on Monday and Best Buy is selling now. Amazon is probably a good place to keep on eye on as well. Good luck!staples touchpad

Now THAT’S a fire sale!

Updated 8/21 @ Noon EDT: Tampa bay area seems picked clean. CompUSA/Tiger Direct is claiming to have sent theirs back to HP. Looks like if you didn’t queue up at a Best Buy this morning your best bet is rolling the dice online on Monday. Gonna be at All Children’s Hospital with BG Monday, so you’re on your own. Good luck!

Updated 8/24: It’s not over yet! It looks like HP is getting some more stock of the TouchPad out of mothballs at the warehouse. Your best bet is to follow HP’s social media manager on Twitter and sign up for email notifications on they’re back in stock. Remember: It’s not the kill, it’s the thrill of the chase!

Updated 8/30: This just in from HP via email:

Thank you for your interest in the HP TouchPad and webOS. The overwhelming demand for this product in recent days has made it difficult to fulfill your request at the present time, and we are working to make more available as soon as possible. While we do not yet have specific details, we know it will be at least a few weeks before we have a limited quantity available again. We will keep you informed as we have more specifics that we can communicate, and we encourage you to join the conversation here for the latest information.

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