Review: Demolition Dash HD (iPad/iPhone) Infinite Runner Godzilla Style

photo 4Demolition Dash is another entry in the entry in the emerging genre of ‘infinite runner’ style games popularized by titles such as Canabalt and Robot Unicorn Attack. Unlike most infinite runners  however, Demotion Dash makes you a powerful, city stomping (albeit shockingly cute) kaiju. Armed with jump and roar buttons, the cotton candy colored Zilla smashes cities around the world, bowling over traffic, kicking dumpsters, and using its powerful roar to drop police helicopters from the sky.

Able to withstand 4 hits before Game Over, Zilla is undoubtedly one of the heartiest characters to ever jog across rooftops in an iPhone game. Combined with the gentle difficulty curve in both the “World Rampage” campaign and “Endless Run” modes, Demolition Dash is an excellent choice for newcomers to the genre. Veterans of the series will still find their talents tested in the game’s later levels as well as in the devilishly difficulty achievement list. Online leaderboards are also available, courtesy of both Game Center and OpenFeint. In addition, each stage of the campaign has its own bonus objective such a collecting 100 balloons or defoliating 45 cherry trees for the completionists out there.

photo 3For a game with such a generic title, Demolition Dash packs every moment with its own brand of delightful, instantly loveable charm. Each of the eight real world cities features a unique backdrop with recognizable landmarks and a remixed version of the soundtrack to accompany the setting. The crisp graphics paint a lovely watercolor tapestry of Zilla’s global rampage of terror. Cars explode, sending fragments of glass flying across the screen, peace officers are scattered to the four winds, and fat pigeons are punted across the ground. Not even background props are safe when Zilla barks our her abominably cute “Rawr!” The leaves are blasted off of the normally static trees, light posts bend, and water towers burst. Whether through the slower jog of earlier cities or the break-neck pace of the later levels, Demolition Dash fills the screen with the cutest, most hyperactive apocalypse your iDevice has ever seen.

photo 1Demoltion Dash HD is an easy recommendation to anyone looking for a new iOS game. The title’s top notch production, adorable art style, and newcomer friendly learning curve coupled with a beefy amount of content make it a rampage you’ll want to keep on your phone for a long time.
Demolition Dash HD is available as a universal app for iPhone 3GS or higher, 4th gen. iPod, and the iPad from Apple’s iTunes App Store for $2.99.

Reviewer Rating 4/5 Stars – Good4star

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