This Dragon Ball Let’s You Summon Shenron from the Palm of Your Hand

Here’s a little gadget that’s sure to make anime fanboys squeal like um… well, anime fanboys! This is a Dragon Ball that summons Shenron (or Shen Long, depending on your preference of translation)!Using 3 watch batteries, a single LED light, and two contacts on the bottom, this 2.5” Dragon Ball projector works on the same principals as those little chirping chicks that don’t shut up when you hold ‘em. Well, except that this projects a totally awesome spirit dragon on your ceiling! Whether you prefer Z, GT, Kai, or unsalted, all fans of Dragon Ball can agree that this is cool.

Squeeeal! I gotta get one of these for BG! She loves dragons AND flashlights. Wait ‘till she gets a load of this!

The Dragon Ball Shen Long Projector Dome is available from Strapya World for ¥1,570 (or $20.20 US)

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