Star Trek Online Goes Free-to-Play; Is Awesome

GameClient 2012-01-18 22-19-38-61As is the current trend in MMO RPGs, Star Trek Online is done juicing early adopters and has opened its doors to the great, unwashed masses for the low price of free. Courtesy of yesterday’s protest, I was able to put plenty of time in on STO and can safely assure you that you’re getting much more than your money’s worth here!

GameClient 2012-01-18 22-55-53-38Boasting great graphics, sound, and an authentic treatments of The Next Generation Star Trek universe, this is one not to be missed by either Trekkers or more general fans of sci-fi gaming. It’s not hard to see the influence of Knights of the Old Republic and Mass Effect here. Plus, you get starship combat! Good starship combat! How often does that happen?

The game is solo-friendly for anti-social gamers. Player-versus-player combat is present for bloodthirsty gamers. Technical aspects are polished to a shine. Micro-transactions are minimal. Best of all, the gameplay options at your disposal are rich and rewarding once you get through the shoddy feeling, combat heavy tutorial and start going where no one has gone before. Heck, the amazingly extensive custom alien, costume, and ship editors alone are worth the price of admission.

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