NASA Launches Space Race Blast Off, A Trivia Review Game for Facebook

nasa facebook gameWell, well. It looks like we have a new Facebook game developer breaking into the market. Sure, this happens all the time but today it is the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, better known as N.A.S.A.

Space Race Blast Off is a trivia game that randomly matches you against two other players in a game-show styled trivia contest. Players can also invite members of their friends list to play. All questions are multiple choice with three possible answers and come from a variety of categories including astronomy, chemistry, spacecraft, and even sci-fi focused pop culture.


Each question is worth 100 points with a 20 point bonus going to the first correct answerer. Players move up the launch scaffold with each correct answer. In traditional game show style, there is a commentator who announces the start of each game and occasionally breaks in with some words of encouragement. Fortunately, he never overstays his welcome.

Space Race BlastoffThe winner of each match blasts off to a Bonus Round. Spin the big wheel and take on one final question for bonus points and a free badge. Additional badges can be purchased from the game lobby using points awarded in-game, and there are a ton of ‘em all featuring great pictures and facts. Duplicate badges you may have won in a game can even be traded back in for points to spend on those you need. Persistent stat tracking and online leaderboards round out the game’s suite of features.

Space Race Blastoff stands out for more than the fact it was created by NASA. Upon logging into the app, you will see a surprising lack of privacy violating authorizations. This is a game that doesn’t want to spam your email. It won’t post embarrassing messages on your wall. Heck, it doesn’t even want to harvest your personal information. The only authorization Space Race Blastoff asks for is access to your friend’s list to facilitate the game’s matchmaking system.

Also worthy of note is how child friendly Space Race Blastoff is. New players must use a custom alias within the game and choose their avatar from an assortment of boys, girls, and robots. Neither your Facebook name nor profile picture is ever shown.

Space Race Blast Off is a fun diversion for funseekers of all ages without the baggage usually associated with… well, anything on Facebook.

Play Space Race Blast Off for free on Facebook.

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