Monkey Island’s Insult Swordfighting Reminds Your Browser it Surfs Like a Cow

insult swordfightingHarkening back to the 1990s piratey point n’ click adventure, Monkey Island Insult Swordfighting by Karza recaps the comic misadventures of Guybrush Threepwood on his quest to become a mighty pirate. You’ll need to prove that your wit is twice as sharp as your sword as you attempt to collect and match barbed insults with to-the-point retorts against unsavory brigands to prove yourself worthy of being trained by the Sword Master of Melee Island.

This HTML5 coded browser game collects not just the insults from the original game, The Secret of Money Island, but those from the third installment, The Curse of Money Island, as well for maximum verbal violence. The title is suitable for jokester of all ages and skill levels, requiring only a sense of humor and good memory. The source code is available for download and it even runs on mobile browsers! Check it out.

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