Behind the Blog: July 1, 2013-No, Really, I’m Listening

So, quiet back end of the month. It’s hard to put forth the effort to write up stuff when what you’re interested in has become mainstream and is being broadcast around the clock by thousands of others. Seriously, what more could I add about Microsoft’s Xbone of a show at E3 or NSA’s Prism program? Thus, I decided to take it easy for a while. It’s nice to take some time off. Also good for recharging the creative batteries. I hope Winking smile

It’s going to continue to be quiet for a bit. The Mrs’ just started some well deserved vacation time. This means I’ll be called upon at all hours to perform such strenuous tasks as moving or acknowledge that I’m being spoken to. Hard work! Speaking of the Mrs, the last batch of heath tests came back good and clean. Finally! I gotta tell ya, things have been pretty tense over here the past few months. It’ll be nice to get that stuff off our minds.

In the content arena, we has a comic come out. Nada Nerd is one I almost didn’t publish. I thought it might have been a little.. well, easy joke. I also think the Simpsons did it. Response was good though.

I really liked the latest Star Trek Online article. It is an interesting story from an entertainment media perspective. Imagine playing an MMO where you only had the last half. Then, three years later you get the first part. Odd, indeed! I knew I would end up doing something about STO’s expansion. Little did I know that the thing that really resonated with me would not be one of their mainstream features.

The Mrs. finally put fingers to keyboard once again and wanted to chat about Natsume’s Book of Friends. She’s got a knack for finding these secret little anime treasures.

That about does it for me. Not a lot of stuff to talk about. At least not without ranting Winking smile We all hope July finds you happy, healthy, and fine. We love you!

Thanks for reading!

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