Hackintosh Thrown in Trash Can Yields Hackintosh Pro

  hackintosh proHackintosh (noun): A non-Macintosh computer running Apple OS X. – The Online Slang Dictionary

There are always great PC case mods popping up on the ‘Net, but this latest one takes the cake. And throws it in the trash. To spectacular effect.

There’s no doubt that Apple’s latest Mac Pro is a real head-turner. While the 6-core Xenon processor boosting up to 3.9Ghz and dual AMD FirePro video cards are enough to get this ol’ techno-geek salivating, it is the unique cylindrical styling that has garnered the attention of the masses. Of course the $4,000 price tag of this lil’ beauty places it far outside the range of most computer user’s justifiable budgets.

Enter intrepid DIYer sascha288 and his quest to place a power packed pill of a PC on his personal pedestal. sascha288 assembled an arsenal of modestly priced components including an Intel Core i3 processor and an AMD Radeon 7750 and, quite literally, threw them in a trash can.

Alright, maybe “threw” isn’t quite the right word. This brilliant ‘case’ has been extensively overhauled to allow for the computer’s I/O ports and fitted with custom fans and vents to mimic the vertical cooling solution seen in the new Mac Pro. It is an inventive reimagining of Apple’s revolutionary new form factor.

Check out the full build and tons of great step-by-step pictures (as well as a little Internet drama from the moderator of the forum where this build was originally posted) over on tonymacx86.com

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