The Last Gardenias
A good day to you, friends, family, former members of the previous, and lookie-loos from across Der Interwebs! It is my... duty to report that after 18 years of togetherness, the Mrs. has left the building.

The good news? Well, I wrote about the final, dramatic month as it happened and recapped the previous six months time in an attempt to reconcile all the confusion and (Ugh!) feelings associated with this incident for myself. Now, polished and published, I offer them to anyone interested in such tales of love and heartbreak.

Do not mistake this as some mere collection of diary entries. As frequent GUO readers know, I have a bit of a... flair for writing. Filled with nerdy references, jokes, and self-depreciating asides, as well as real-life drama, I believe that even readers who are not familiar with us will find The Last Gardenias to be an engaging romp.

This is the largest and most difficult written project to ever be published here on GUO and final tweaks and post production continue while you are reading this. Thus, there will be an extended roll-out of the content over the next three days. The landing page, FAQ (Contains Spoilers!), and the first four chapters are all launching today, June 30, 2018: The day the Mrs. moved out of the GUO homestead. Remaining chapters will be launched, four per day, for the next two days. (Edit: This feature has now been completed and is available in its entirety.)

Note that this will be the only blog post for The Last Gardenias as the home page of this project will be updated directly. For daily reminders, consider liking our (Well, I guess 'my' now) GUO Facebook page.

Welcome aboard and I hope you enjoy the ride!

Click here for The Last Gardenias Home Page.