Some Crap Pictures

Oh, no! A fragment of a Mechanoid hive has crash landed near the colony!

Wait... I'm not feeling the physic drone... Oh, okay, it's just the septic tank. Wait, what?!

Last month the GUO homestead became more civilized. Thanks to an annexation deal with the city, we now have access to a real sewer system! Yes indeey folks, we're getting all 800BC Rome up in here. Toga, toga, toga!

As part of the deal, the old septic system got ripped right out of the ground and hauled away. If you were ever wondering what exactly a septic tanks looks like, well, here ya go.

 Also, what is wrong with you?!

Now if they could just do something about all those boomalopes in the neighborhood!

*For everyone who cares about getting all the Rimworld references in this post, you may be interested in our 2016 Game of the Year feature.


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