The Brick Dead Project

In February of 2014 I finally decided to check out the Unity game development platform after several years of procrastination. Armed with a web browser and programming knowledge twenty years out of date, I began to chronicle my attempts to create a video game from scratch. What began as a experiment in bloggery to illustrate how much skill and effort goes into every game has since blossomed into one of my favorite hobbies. What follows are some of my experiences, both good and bad, that occurred on the bumpy road to develop my first video game.

Grandfather With No Programming or Art Skills Decides to Make a Video Game

Moving Beyond the Pale

Math is hard. Life is Harder

Milestone! The First Prototype

Starting Up The Shield

The Dead Walk

Ragdoll and Back Again

Tomb of the Ragdolls

Moar Ballz!

Make It Loud! Make It Random!

This Far, No Further

Release Day! Come Get Your Alpha Build!

All Good Things…

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