Ask Grandpop - I Want An iPhone

**episode 5 of 6**

When B.G. wants an iPhone, its up to Grandpop to explain how Apple ruins peoples lives.

This was originally Episode 3. Coming right off of the wacky Where Babies Come From, this was the “important” one. This was also the topic the wife requested (oddly enough, shortly after I already started on this). For a while, I figured this would be the template for all other episodes. It’s a lot like Charlie Brown, except that one had an obscure topic (IP Copyrights) in a bizarre metaphor (Grandma’'s Apple Pie). This one is pretty clear.


  1. Glad you liked it. I've gotten the hang of all the setup and linking, so now viewership is lower than ever. This project truely been a spectacular failure. Glad I finished the whole thing before releasing ;)