Contest Abuse Leads to Epic Kung Fu Beer Commercial With Jackie Chan and Shokotan | Weekend Watchlist

Kirin breweries ran a contest called Nodogoshi Yume no Dream that invited “Ordinary Joes” to submit their dreams for a chance to make them come true. The result was a series of commercials that featured winners fulfilling said desires and becoming a fashion models, rock stars, and dining with sumo wrestlers for use in a series of commercials promoting Kirin’s new Nodogoshi Draft beer.

Kazuo Ishida dreams big. Not content to enter a single request, Ishida submitted a series of 39 dreams that outlined his vision of staring in a kung fu flick (Dream #1) where he faced off against his “buddy from university” (Dream #4) along side Hong Kong cinema legend Jackie Chan (Dream #2) and the Internet’s “New Queen of the Blogs” Shoko Nakagawa (Dream #3).

Kirin took up the challenge. The cast from Ishida’s dreams was assembled and flown out to Shanghai to produce this 6-minute, kung fu epic featuring everything you’d expect from the genre: Wirework stunts, fights using furniture and vegetables, a training montage, Chan’s traditional outtake reel during the end credits, and even heroic theme music to cheer on Kazuo Ishida in his darkest hour.

At the premiere of the featurette, Shokotan reportedly burst into tears and bowed to Ishida. As fate would have it, the production fulfilled not just this Ordinary Joe’s dream, but a dream of the Japanese idol as well. Shoko had always dreamed of working with Jackie Chan.

What follows is Ishida’s original 39 dreams:


  • Dream 1: I want to be a kung fu action star…
  • Dream 2: …and work with Jackie Chan.
  • Dream 3: The leading lady should be Shoko Nakagawa (Shokotan)…
  • Dream 4: …the main villain: my buddy from university.
  • Dream 5: I want a scene where Jackie, Shokotan, and I are eating together.
  • Dream 6: Jackie is drinking tea.
  • Dream 7: I want to use like a chair or something in a fight.
  • Dream 8: And I’ll hit a bunch of guys with it like bam, bam, bam!
  • Dream 9: Then I want break that chair.
  • Dream 10: I want Jackie Chan to do something cool in the end scene. Ummmm….
  • Dream 11: I want the bad guys to come to kidnap Shokotan.
  • Dream 12: I throw narutomaki at someone.
  • Dream 13: Hmm, I definitely want to use a chair to fight.
  • Dream 14: And I want to break a table.
  • Dream 15: A bad guy should say “I’ll remember this!” as he runs away.
  • Dream 16: Of course, they come back to get revenge.
  • Dream 17: I want that same bad guy to say “Boss! It’s him!”
  • Dream 18: Then we go outside and there’s like 100 enemies.
  • Dream 19: Before fighting I flick my button off like a badass.
  • Dream 20: I don’t want to be good with nunchaku… for comedy. Annnnnnd….
  • Dream 21: Something should fall all over one of the bad guys.
  • Dream 22: I do some cool kicks.
  • Dream 23: Then I knock one guy into a huge group of enemies.
  • Dream 24: A guy comes out with, like, knives for hands.
  • Dream 25: I fight him with vegetables, you know, for comedy.
  • Dream 26: I do some team work with Jackie.
  • Dream 27: Shotokan makes a cute face.
  • Dream 28: Oh, and I definitely want to do something with wires.
  • Dream 29: I’d like to throw a guy off a roof.
  • Dream 30: I want to do a real stunt. Let’s see….
  • Dream 31: A bunch of old-timey pots should break.
  • Dream 32: Then I give a “thumbs-up.”
  • Dream 33: Then I want to do that pose, you know, the one from that movie [Drunken Master].
  • Dream 34: I want to train on one of those wooden men things.
  • Dream 35: And do sword practice in front of a sunset.
  • Dream 36: But get this! Then I lose…
  • Dream 37: and say “Duì bù qǐ” to Jackie.
  • Dream 38: In the end Jackie finishes off the head bad guy.
  • Dream 39: Then there’s and explosion and… That should do it.

This edited version shows exactly where each of Ishida’s dreams appears:

And, of course, what feature presentation would be complete without a look behind-the-scenes?

Kazuo wasn’t the only one chosen to live out their dream.

Let’s hear it for the power of dreams! And beer!

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