Valve crazier by the second! or not?

Here's the latest about Portal:

Valve's Doug Lombardi has circulated an email amongst the press stating "Just a quick note to clarify the Monday Press Event at the Regal Theater is completely cancelled. Please do not head over there expecting to see us."

This is being taken by the press 2 ways:

The developer will still be present on the E3 show floor at the Los Angeles Convention Center, but whether Portal 2 will now be making an appearance in any form is unknown. Given the way this is going, we may just need to wait a couple more days for the whole thing to be back on again.


I think this is a case where Valve’s light-hearted and playful way of talking to the press backfired: they’re clearly not ready to show of Portal 2 but the fun way they indicated as much to the press raised expectation for so much more. The latest announcement is so subdued, its pretty clear they feel like the hype and rumor mill just got totally out of control. Sometimes it’s just best to say what you mean, I guess.

Funny! or not?

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