Google Play Store Celebrates Its 1st Birthday with Free Breaking Bad and Android Themed DLC

google play birthday

Google is throwing a birthday bash to celebrate having gone one year since renaming its Android app store to Google Play. Don’t bother bringing a present, ‘cause the folks over at the Big G have this whole birthday thing backwards. They’re giving the presents to you!

So, what’s up on the gift table? How about some free tunes from The Velvet Underground? Get your eBook fix with Morgan Rice’s first novel in the The Sorcerer’s Ring series, A Quest of Heroes. Still watching TV? Pick up the pilot episode of Breaking Bad for the special birthday price of zip-dot-squat. And for our gamers in the audience, grab special Android themed DLC featuring every nerd’s favorite green robot buddies for mobile free-to-play titles such as Tiny Castle, Monster Pet Shop, Yumby Smash, and more. There are even gift cards up for grabs for those that still prefer their stuff a little more tangible.

For all these deals and tons more free and discounted movies, music, TV, and Android mobile apps, open your window to the web and check out Google Play’s 1st birthday promotion.

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