Flex Your Creativity Every Day With DrawQuest

Remember me, art? I’m baaack!

From the mind of Chris Poole, perhaps better known as 4chan’s moot, comes this free iPad application that challenges users to get their doodle on each and every day. In DrawQuest you’ll be provided with the challenge of filing in the blanks of a picture. For example, an empty outline of stick figure wearing a cape with prompt you to “Create your own superhero” and set you free with the app’s robust and easy to use art tools.

Unlike social games such as Draw Something, there is no scoring mechanic in DrawQuest. Eachdail picture, or ‘quest’, you complete will earn coins that can be used to unlock additional colors to paint, pen, and marker with. Drawing on tablets is always a satisfying experience, but I was genuinely surprised as to how good dialing through the color wheel feels. DrawQuest does require users to sign up with either a Facebook account or email address. Completed pictures can be shared across your social media empire via Twitter or Facebook with the tap of a button. Each quest also allows you to browse the gallery of your fellow questers’ creations. These can be starred to shared as desired. This gallery even includes the rather amazing feature of watching a playback of how the selected picture was created, stroke by stroke.

If you enjoy doodling but are daunted by a blank canvas, DrawQuest is just the creative outlet you’ve been waiting for.

DrawQuest in available for iPads running iOS 5.1 or later. Get it free from iTunes.

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