Behind the Blog: August 1, 2013–Summer Sabbatical

Still kickin’. Not too much to say. I’ve been doubling down on some home improvement projects lately. I REALLY need to schedule big yard work projects for another time of the year. You think I’d learn by now. With traffic having died back down to it being just us for the first time in several years, it seemed like a good time to get off of the constant posting treadmill.

I’ve also needed some time to do a little unplugging. The constant barrage of media coming into my brain via the Internet these days can be overwhelming if not properly mediated. And I do not properly mediate Winking smile Internet press/media has really gone down the tubes (pun!) the past couple years. Internet news used to be good for supplementing mainstream news stories and catering to niche interests. Then it became a replacement for traditional news outlets. Now, every little detail and off-handed Tweet is front page news. Did you know the Playstation 4 will have 4.5 GB of available RAM. I did. You know why? It was front page news of 17 different sites, and not just video game ones. I mean, really guys. I know you feel the need to throw every single scrap of information about anything onto the web as its own article to generate hits (and, hence, ad views) from random search traffic, but things have gotten WAY out of hand. The noise-to-signal ratio of my RSS newsfeeds is so absurd that it’s unreadable most days.

And that’s another reason why I’m not posting much. It’s becoming harder and harder to find the interesting little niche stuff amongst all the pop culture buzz. Did I mention the PS4 will have 4.5GB of available RAM? Zzzzzz.

Anyhow, things are doing fine here. I haven’t quit or forgotten this place. I just need a little less Internet for a while. In the meantime, there are THOUSANDS of cool goodies lurking in the bowels of GUO waiting to be rediscovered. If you find yourself craving a little of the good ol’ bloggy-bloggy, click around and see what you find.

As always, we send our love to your and yours.

Thanks for reading!

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