Want to Believe? Interviews With British Government UFO Specialist Nick Pope

QAs we’ve examined before, the hype train for mass media productions can lead to creation of interesting and thought provoking productions in their own right.

2K Games has been hitting the media circuits lately in support of their newest game, The Bureau: XCOM Declassified. The game is a strategic, 3rd person shooter set in the paranoid laden1960s suddenly faced with an alien invasion. Not content to trot out the regular stable of game producers and PR wranglers, 2K has enlisted the company of one Mr. Nick Pope for the tour.

While Nick is currently a freelance journalist and media commentator, it is his ties to secret government organizations investigating potential alien contact that got him on board. Nick was employed by the British Government’s Ministry of Defense from 1985 to 2006. In 1991, he was transferred to Secretariat (Air Staff) 2a. His duty? Investigating reports of Unidentified Flying Objects.

IGN UK also interviewed Mr. Pope regarding his time with the MoD. The interview starts at the 21 minute mark.


Have be been visited by extraterrestrial entities? Nick’s answer is… yes. And we need to begin preparing a global response. Like forming XCOM.

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