Free Resources for Making Your Own Games, Textures, Models, Music, and More

Alight, I‘ve been promising to make a list o’ linky for y’all for some time now. Time to get started! If you’ve been following along with The Brick Dead Project, a chronicle of first foray into video game creation, you know I’m pretty far from an expert with only a couple months under my belt. Still, the resources provided from open source projects, retail demos, and generous artists have enabled me to create some pretty spectacular results. Now, I’d like to pass on some of my favorite places for software and inspiration to you.

Being a noob in the scene, this is far from an exhaustive list. Feel free to add your favorites in the comments.

A word of warning: If you’re looking to move beyond the hobbyist level and create something you can sell, pay careful attention to the licensing agreements for your software/assets. Terms of use on this stuff can range from public domain, to requiring a nod in the credits, to a percentage of your revenue.

Game Development Environments/Engines

Retail “Demo” Style GDE/SDKs

Cry Engine – Complete and free for non-commercial use

Unity – Free “Indie” version available, but missing “Pro” features *Update: Unity 5 is now feature complete for Personal Edition (free) users.

Unreal – Unreal 4 has just gone free for personal use. Royalties are owed if you make over a certain income.


Free, Open Source GDE/SDKs





Art Creation/Editing Tools (Textures, Models, Etc.)

123D – A series of apps from Autodesk focusing on modeling

Blender – Modeling, animation

GIMP – 2D art, photo editing

Krita – Digital painting

MakeHuman – Modeling

MaP Zone – Textures

Sculptris – Modeling

SketchUp Make – Modeling

Wings 3D – Modeling

NeoTextureEdit – Procedural texture creation


Audio Creation/Editing Tools (Music, Sound Effects, Etc.)

Audacity – Sound editing

LMMS – Linux MultiMedia Studio (Windows version available). Music recording, mixing, editing

FamiTracker – Music creator from 8/16bit console generations

BFXE – 8-bit sound generator

as3sfxr – 8-bit sound generator

clker – Drawing, “Vector” conversions, and a wealth of public domain icons/clip-art



So, maybe you lack the skills or ability to create every, little sound or picture you need. These sites can help. Some of these locations only offer a taste of their content to the monetarily impaired. Everybody likes to eat, ya know? Still, the content freely available, either by virtue of quality or quantity, warrants a look.

General – A Little of Everything


Free Game Arts

Open Game Art – One of my favorites of the sites and communities I’ve discovered!

Psionic Games

Unity Asset Store – Even if you’re not using Unity, it’s probably worth installing the free version and using it to unpack all the goodies available



Carnegie Mellon University Motion Capture Database

Mixamo – Small selection of free models and animations


WidgetWorx SpriteLib – Sprites



Acid Fonts


Open Font Library

The League of Moveable Type – Bonus points for a great name!

1001 Free Fonts





Blend Swap

Blender 3D Model Repository

Google SketchUp 3D Warehouse

Kator Legaz 3D Models

Mixamo – Small selection of free models and animations

NASA 3D Resources – Yeah, that NASA

TurboSquid – Free and paid models

ADL 3D Repository – Maintained by the U.S. Government?!

CG Trader



FreePD – Public domain music

International Music Score Library Project – Public domain music

Open Music Archive




DrPerrer’s sfxr – Retro sound generator

Free Sound


Sound Bible



CG Textures

Mayang’s Free Textures

Texture Archive

Texture Mate



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