"I Hate Halloween” Now Available for Android & Kindle Fire Phones and Tablets | Dreams Come True

h8halloween eggzactly-mobileAlmost immediately after release, I was hit with the inevitable question game developers must face in this age of pocket computers: “Can I get it on my phone?” What was to be the start of a much craved respite morphed into yet another crazy code-a-thon as work began on the touchscreen version of “I Hate Halloween”.

I was worth it. Both myself and The Unpaid Intern immediately agreed that the touch version of “I Hate Halloween” was THE version to play. Holding the adorable, cartoon world in your hands on the frantic holiday battle to save your home’s new paint job was true treat!

Check it out now on Google Play for Android phones and tablets running version 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) or later.

Here it is on Amazon's AppStore for all Kindle Fire Phones and Tablets except the original, 1st generation Fire.

Continue past the page jump for more on the formerly secret Project H8Hal saga!

Now that the touch version of the game was completed, distribution was the next issue to face. I figured that since I had already come so far on the project, I should make a break for the brass ring. I decided to dive whole-hog into the world of Indie Game Development. A wall of legal paperwork, tax forms, and a check to Google later, I was an official Android developer! It also led to the next big announcement of this post: GrandPopGames is a thing now.

Guess what? I made that lil’ dude up there! I guess after scraping by for the past five years or so on this here little blog either I am starting to conquer this “art” thing or this “art” thing is starting to conquer me. He actually looked pretty cute bald, but I wanted to get my hat on the logo. Now he kinda looks like Miner 49er, which I’m sorta okay with. Heck, I even changed the title font to play it up a bit. The pupil in the big eye was also craned skyward a bit so he looked a little like Columbo until the last second. May change it back later Smile

Anyway, it seemed like a good idea to split off any potential traffic about why a game won’t run on someone’s crappy 10 year-old phone from the general GUO population. GPG was the answer. I would’ve loved to grab the domain, but figured a blogspot page could hold for now. Besides money’s tight around here as we wait for the health insurance to kick back in after the Mrs’ career change.

Speaking of money, “I Hate Halloween” costs a buck. Yeah, I know, “Why should I pay for a game you already put out for free?” This was a bit of a tough decision and there are a few good reasons. Let’s just get it all out there now in the only way I know how: With complete honesty.

1) It cost money to produce this. Not a whole lot, but money I probably shouldn’t have spent right now. Still, the Mrs. and I both really wanted this version of the game to happen. By putting a price tag on it, I’m hoping to recoup that investment.

2) GUO didn’t make money this year. 2014 was the first year this site couldn’t pay its own bills. GUO never makes much money, but usually there’s an extra five or ten bucks left from the Amazon gig after the bills are paid to support producing our original content. 85% of GUO’s bills came out of my pocket this year.

3) Real developers get paid. This was the big one. Saying that I created a video game from scratch and sold it at retail… Man, it’s like a childhood dread come true. No exaggeration, I almost shed a tear when I saw the game pop up on Google Play. If I can push just a couple dozen copies around the world… Well, scratch the number one entry off my Bucket List.

4) The game has no legs. Seriously, how many people are going to pick up a Halloween game next month? Ads aren’t gonna pay the bills.

5) You’d probably give me a dollar if I asked for it. We’re all family of one sort or another here. I know if I put up a button asking for a buck, folks would probably click it.

Whew. On the the next elephant in the room. Will there be an iPhone version? No. iOS development requires $100 every year and a Mac computer, neither of which I have access to right now.

Well, what about Kindle fire? Hopefully. A version of “I Hate Halloween” is currently under review at Amazon. Update: Amazon approved it as I was writing this postSmile.

How about that Windows version? Just updated to version 1.1 to add the new Twitter functionality and fix a couple bugs discovered when making the mobile version (BIG thanks to Unpaid Intern for identifying that 1st time start bug!). I am looking into self-publishing the PC version as well (No, it won’t be on Steam. There’s no time (and I’m not popular enough) to get through that (redacted) Greenlight process). If I pull it off, the Windows version will also be priced at $1. I don’t know if I’ll be required to remove the free copy from GUO. If they don’t ask, I’m not gonna mention it.

The web player version has also been updated to v1.1 will all the new goodies and fixes. That one’s probably not going anywhere. And if it does, it’ll be easy to link to.

So that’s the present and future of “I Hate Halloween”.

This is, quite literally, a dream come true. I can definitely use your help to make sure it’s a good dream.

Spread the word! It’s a fun game, it’s in good humor, and there aren’t many family-friendly Halloween games out there. Tell people that your Uncle/Dad/GrandPop/Friend/Favorite blogger/Internet idol/Crazy egomaniac guy just published his first game and needs help getting going.

If you decide to buy a copy, please leave a review. Unless it’s a bad review. In which case, keep it to yourself Winking smile

Share the game page (or this Amazon one) on social networks like Facebook, Google Plus, Pintrest, Twitter, and the dozens of others. Mention this cute, loopy little game in online communities like Reddit if the content seems appropriate.

Tweet out some high scores for the next few weeks! That worked for Flappy Bird.

And, of course, wish me luck.

We love you. Thanks for reading, playing, and sharing!

Update: This just in from the world of the past! It is about 2:15 AM as I’m trying to finish this blasted blog post and Amazon has just approved the game for use with everything except the original (gen1) Fire tablet. It seems that thing never got updated to Android 4. Woot!!! I am become Indie Dev!

Aw, man… Now I gotta put all the Kindle stuff in here. Sigh… Gonna be another late night. Doesn’t matter. I’m a real game developer and that’s worth everything XD.

Check out my cool button!
Update2: I just thought my cool button was busted, but it was my ad blocker eating it XD


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