Play My New Game: I Hate Halloween (v1.1 Update)

It’s Halloween and the Trick-or-Treaters are coming! They want candy and are prepared to egg your house if you cannot satisfy their demands. Defend your home on this endless night of arcade mischief!

Done! On time and under budget! Welcome to my second video game release, I Hate Halloween, an arcade adventure all about eggs and candy! No ‘alpha’; No ‘demo’. One and done. Have fun!

Looking for a stand-alone Windows version? Grab it here. I even wrapped it up in a shiny little installer this time as well.

Don’t feel like installing anything? I’ve created a web player version you can crank up right in your browser. This will require the installation of the Unity Web Player if you don’t already have it (the game page has a link to it). If you still see a grey box after the Web Player has been installed, check for an icon at the top of your browser to unblock the plug-in (Chrome is notorious about blocking plugins and only showing a little icon). If you get a black screen after after all that, just reload the page.

A few other caveats about the web version: The resolution options in the setup screen are only applicable once you switch to fullscreen. The quit button doesn’t do anything because you can’t force close a browser tab from Unity. I also had a few crashes when pushing the graphics quality up past “Good”. Might have been a fluke (I’m stupidly using a beta version of Unity right now), but heads up. Still, the web player version is the full game and runs pretty darn well.

Happy Halloween, everyone! It’s a treat!

I Hate Halloween

Download Installer for WindowsDownload for WIndows (ZIP)Run Web Edition

for mobile versions, please visit this post.

Feeling nostalgic enough to go play my first game again? You can grab Break Out Your Dead here.

Update: I Hate Halloween has been updated to version 1.1 on 10/13/2014. All of the above links are still correct and functional. Changes/fixes from the original version include:

  • First time startup black screen fixed
  • Rare chance of double knockdown fixed
  • Score now counts up by 10 rather than 1 due to late game high combos
  • New company name! Welcome GUO’s game publishing arm GrandPopGames!
  • Twitter integration! Tweet your latest scores!

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