Behind the Blog: January 1, 2013–The I Don’t Feel Like Writing Edition

Behind-Blog-button-2_thumbSooooo… I’ve been taking a little time off for the holiday week and didn’t get a jump of B-the-B like I usually do. Seeing as how I usually chip away at this monster over the course of a week and I’m writing this on New Year’s Eve, I don’t think I’m gonna waddle on over to Mr. Grindstone and do the usual giant list o’ linky now. Let’s just have a nice cup of tea and hit some of the highlights from December, a month made for slacking.

Traffic is recovering after our beating at the hands of Google last month despite impressions from the search engine giant remaining low. We even had a strange spike on Christmas. Who says people only browse the web from work! The Top 5 from December looks just like it did for November.

About the only real incident in our wordy world of whimsy was the cancelation of Twitchy Tuesday. Each episode of our live streaming experiment continued to pull fewer and fewer eyeballs both on YouTube and here at GUO. By the time we produced our AirMech episode, probably our best and biggest, we were pulling a whopping four (yes, 4) views. While all of us were pretty jazzed at how Twitchy Tuesday was shaping up, it really was a bit of a technical chore to get stuff working with different software every week without springing for dedicated capture system. The Tuesday schedule also turned out to be a bad day to work around personal lives. These issues combined with my failing to engage even our regular readers made pulling the plug, at least for now, a no brainer.

As for the ol’ homestead, we’re still plugging along. In a year full of drama and tragedy, the holidays passed nearly without incident. Nearly. We’ve got an oak tree in the back that’s kinda falling apart that’s causing some emergency financial recombobuation at a time of the year that isn’t exactly known for being finance friendly. On the upside, where else but Florida can you plan on throwing steaks on the grill for Christmas dinner!

Well, that’s about it from me. If you find yourself missing that big list of stuff from the past month, I invite you to direct your gaze to the bottom of the sidebar on the right. Or just click this link. Here’s hoping you continue to hang with us for yet another year as we explore the great geeky world of technology and Internet ‘culture’. We love you!

Thanks for reading! And have the hippest and happiest of New Years!

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