This Robot Pukes in the Name of Science

vomiting larryIn order to better study the spread of noroviruses (AKA the winter vomiting bug), researchers at the British Health and Safety Laboratory a proud (?) to present Vomiting Larry, a robot that gets sick in the name of science.

Noroviruses cause vomiting, diarrhea, nausea, and a loss of taste. Knowing that, I guess we’re lucky Larry only vomits. Anywho, the virus itself is spread through aerosolization, meaning it’s airborne. Larry is used to study the spread of aerosolization during vomiting without forcing people to puke on cue.

So, what has Larry taught us? It turns out that infected individuals praying to the porcelain god spray the norovirus a whopping 9.8 feet! With only about 20 particles of the creeping crud required to infect someone, we now have a good idea that you don’t want to be within ten feet of anyone throwing up. Which… um… I think we kinda already knew. Science!

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