Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2013 | Weekend Watchlist

samsung-ces-2013-oled-television-0This year’s CES has come and gone leaving us with dreams of the new definition of ‘state of the art’. Join us as we wander the virtual show floor of this gadget filled wonderland from the flu-free safety of your favorite web browser as we dream of the technological doo-dads that may be coming your way in the next year.

Before we get on to the goodies sure to be making your credit cards scream for mercy in the coming years, let’s get a lay of the land. Here’s CNet’s Brian Tong with a walkthrough of both the show and the tech needed to live stream this event to the world.

To get a better feeling of the show floor itself we take a stroll with  Popular Mechanics’ Senior Technology Editor Glenn Derene.

While the hottest new gizmos like game consoles or smartphones come and go from the show, one thing CES has always been known for is televisions. It’s is only suitable that we start there. Perhaps the most buzz worthy boob-tube on display was Samsung’s 110 inch UHD (Ultra-high definition (formerly known as 4K)) TV.

But before we see the grand gadget itself, here’s Samsung’s teaser video it. Because it’s cute.

…And now the main event.

Also coming from Samsung is an innovation they started demoing last year: Flexible displays. While this amazing technology has yet to surface in a consumer device, I think it’s safe to say that this stands to radically change mobile gadgets forever.

No veiled promises of future technology with our next feature! The Oculus Rift Virtual Reality Headset is on track for release this year. This 3D, motion tracking, head mounted display is sure to be the dream peripheral of gamers everywhere.

Another video game device that has tongues wagging is the “Steam Box”. While not “The” Steam Box,  there was “A” Steam Box on display at CES. The Piston a small, quiet Linux powered PC designed to run select titles from Valve’s digital distribution service. Wait… People don’t already have a PC plugged into their TV? Huh…

What gamers may not be clamoring for is the $1500 Razer Edge. This Microsoft Windows 8 tablet supports a wide variety of peripherals such as gamepads, mice and keyboards. With a price tag rivaling state of the art gaming laptop with a more convent form factor, this Edge may be a bit dull.

Of course it wouldn’t be CES without a whole slew of third party Apple accessories.

Time to super size! Yup, we’re getting even bigger that that monster of a TV we started with. CES caters to the gadget lust in everyone and that goes double for gearheads. Here’s an overview of the hottest cars on display at the show this year.

You’d be hard pressed not to put the pedal to the metal in these hot rides so The Man is going to need a new tool to catch up with you. UnboxTherapy takes a look at what the boys in blue can look forward to rolling with in the future.

Now, how about we change your life as a motorist forever? Audi was on-hand with a demo of their new computerized automotive system that will allow your car to park itself.

Of course it just wouldn’t be CES without bizarre stuff. So… Here’s a Smart Fork. Coming to a Kickstarter near you.

Not into your silverware buzzing when you eat too fast? How about a potty training chair with an iPad mount. No, nothing could go wrong here.

But I guess stupid in in the eye of the beholder. I’m gonna let LandOfTech take it from here with their ranting on the impracticality of some of the new toys on display. I need to get to a doctor because my smart fork just stabbed me.

Outraged? Feel like smashing something? CNet’s got ya covered! Join the cast of Always On as they bake, drown, freeze, and drop your favorite phones and tablets. Oh yes, there will be liquid nitrogen Smile

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