Amazon’s Big Downloadable PC Games Sale for May 16-31. Here’s Our Recommendations.

Let’s go shopping! Amazon is running a “Digital Games Mayhem” sale for the next couple weeks. It looks like it’s going to be a quiet summer for big releases so now’s a good time to stuff that backlog full of interactive fun as we brace ourselves for the tumultuous times that come with the changing of the gaming generation.

There’s so much on sale, I’m not really sure where to start. There’s a Firaxis Pack that’ll get you Xcom, Civ 4 Complete, and Civ V Gold for a svelte $20. The Desert to Sea Bundle nabs you the first two Bioshock games and Spec Ops: The Line , the best narrative experience to ever to grace a modern military shooter, for $10. You can also grab the first season of Telltale’s amazing The Walking Dead game for $10. Mr and Mrs Otaku recommended!

Looks like we’re all caught up on the AAA stuff. Hmm, what else… There’s the Sega Fun Pack where a tenner gets ya Ron Gilbert’s (Monkey Island) new joint The Cave, indie platformer Hell Yeah! and all its DLC, awesome vehicle arcade shooter Renegade Ops and that DLC, the Nights remake Into Dreams, and… DUDE! Jet Set Radio got ported to the PC! OMG! AND I don’t have to use that crappy Dreamcast gamepad! Don’t tell the Mrs. I am SO going to blast that all night long after she’s in bed, LOL. Mr adored! Mrs abhorred!

Everybody loves indies, and  those scrappy little guys at indie publisher Microsoft (lulz) have a bundle. $10 gets you Deadlight, Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet, Iron Brigade, Toy Soldiers, and Mark of the Ninja in the Microsoft 5-Game Arcade/Indie Pack (or $3.75 separately). I seem to have missed all of those, so let me just tuck that in the cart.

Looks like they’ve got some strategy games I’ve been meaning to catch up on. Top of that list is Unity of Command, an Eastern front game with emphasis on keeping your supply lines intact, for $5. That middle ages Sims-meets-strategy game of Thrones simulator Crusader Kings II is $10. Hmm, think I’ll wait for a bundle with all the DLC.

I highly recommend the Majesty Franchise for the stupid low price of $10 ($104 value). It comes with Majesty Gold, Majesty 2 and all the DLC (and it’s BEEFY DLC with all-new campaigns and you get to play as the monsters in the last one), Defenders of Andania tower defense, and Warlock with all of its DLC. Warlock is, hands down, my favorite 4X fantasy game to date! It was a steal when it came out at $20. I own and love all these titles!

There’s also a category for “casual games” on sale. Here’s you’ll find your usual assortment of time management, seek-n-finds, and a few miscategorized surprises. The first game on Amazon’s “casual” list: S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Call of Pripyat , the brutal, hardcore, first-person RPG-shooter that puts you gun-to-claw with mutants in the radioactive wastes surrounding Chernobyl. This was  the height of the STALKER series. If you enjoyed Fallout or Deus Ex and don’t mind a game that isn’t afraid to kick you in the teeth, don’t miss this for $2. I also saw a few classic Microids adventure games like Post Mortem and Syberia for $3 a pop. The Mrs loves those! Anyway, DO check out the casual list even if you don’t think they’re your cup of tea.

Broke yet? Good. This sale even covers free-to-play stuff. Topping of the list, if you sign up for the online city-builder Stronghold Kingdoms, you get a voucher for a free download of Stronghold Crusader HD, the remastered version of the RTS, castle builder classic. Do this! The Mrs and I are big, big fans of those original Stronghold games. There’s also The Troobles Pet Pack for Second Life (that’s still going, huh?) and a couple other deals.

Thanks for going shopping with us! Now, where did the Mrs hide that credit card this time?

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