Internet Cats Sue Scribblenauts

scribblenauts nyan catScribblenauts! You guys know how much we love to bring the nauty scribbles over here at GUO (our thoughts on DS/iOS/PC versions). The wacky puzzle game series gives players a chance to stretch their vocabulary skills and conjure up anything they can think of to get the job done. Need to get a cat out of the tree? Why use a Ladder when you can leverage the powers of a Kindly Heroic Flying Fireman or a Hungry Pink Undead Beaver? Now it looks live publisher Warner Bros. is destined to try some wordplay of their own with the help of a Smart Rich Professional Lawyer. It seems the owners of some of those cats are none too pleased that their furballs have moved into the Scribblenauts universe.

An Easter egg in last year’s Scribblenauts Unlimited gave players the power to conjure up a few popular characters from the equally wacky world of Internet pop culture, apparently without the permission of their creators. Nyan Cat originator Christopher Orlando Torres and Keyboard Cat owner Charles Schmidt have joined forces to sue to video game developer. It seems both creators have registered copyrights and pending trademarks for their respective felines.

Frankly, this is kinda sad. I could understand if it was “Scribblenauts Unlimited featuring Internet Cat Memes!” but to issue litigation against such a minor shout-out to a couple popular geek fads of the moment seems like overkill. I also have to wonder if the copyright holders even attempted to contacted the game developers to have their creations removed or if the first shot was cha-ching sound of an IP lawsuit. Regardless, you can bet that these cats of the Internet, as well as any other hidden popular culture references, will be patched out of your copy of Scribblenauts Unlimited shortly thanks to the ‘miracle’ of an always connected world.

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