Behind the Blog: May 1, 2013–Crispy Crunchy Crankies

Ah, good ol’ BtB! My reserved space to do a little blogging on this ‘ere blog. So… Guess what? I don’t feel like blogging. I’ve been particularly sullen and cranky lately. I also need to go in and tweak my video settings. These old eyes o’ mine are getting a bit cranky themselves about reading text. Lord knows I’ve got no room to complain with a blind guy coming in here on Sundays to carry the show, LOL! So, anyway, short monthly rap session this time.

In the analytics department, it’s been yet another sagging month for clickery. Looks like it’ll just be you and me again in about six more months. Still, we did have some pretty popular material in April. This being the Internet and all, they were, of course, video game related.

The biggest hit was the review for Wizardry Online. I’m rather pleased about that. WO is certainly a unique entry in the world of online gaming and I didn’t see very much coverage of it. This is one of those titles that falls into the ‘love it or hate it’ category, hence the lack of a final score at the end of the review. It’s good to be the editor! I certainly put enough time into the text. I think I’ve said enough that you’ll either want to give it a shot or avoid it like the plague after reading. This one wasn’t originally supposed to be as long as it turned out. Heck, it didn’t even start life as a review. Still, by the time I was done explaining why this game was special I had more than enough to rebrand it. I bumped the article two weeks to pour some additional  time into the game to feel the ‘review’ moniker justified and flesh out my feelings. Overall, I think it’s a fine bit of writing.

The other big hitter for the month was the video of the Mrs. & I playing Papers, Please. The YouTube hits have been a good deal higher than our other recent videos. Good sign for this game. I’m glad. It is most certainly unique and I can’t wait  to get my rubber stamp on the final version. I’m also pretty happy with the “Mr and Mrs Otaku Play” title for a series. I rebranded our run through of Miasmata to see if a husband/wife Let’s Play series would be a thing. So far, popularity hasn’t trickled back down the line. Our banter needs to be a LOT better Winking smile It’s a series I would like to explore a bit further, but the Mrs. keeps pretty busy and is exhausted whenever she’s not, so no real hopes for getting this going on a regular basis. At least she put down the smartphone long enough to record this one Smile with tongue out

Last month’s BtB also hit a bit bigger than it has been lately. Something tells me that may just be a Google quirk from having the subtitle “fetishizing bloggery". Winking smile I wonder if I posted that one to my personal Facebook feed… I do that when I remember I still have a personal Facebook account. It’s the only bit of self promotion I allow myself. And that’s why I suck at this, LOL. Information overload is more the rule than the exception these days. If you’re not screaming in people’s faces all the time, you’re as forgotten as last season’s reality show winner.

On the Out of This World Weekly front, the Kepler space telescope dominated, pulling in about a third more traffic than April’s other contenders. Man, Kepler just keeps bringing home the habitables! This is, what, the second or third batch? Exciting stuff!

So, that’s about that. I told ya it’d be a short one! I’ve got moping to get back to. And yard work! Ugh, Spring time in Florida… No new news on the Mrs’ health to report. She did get a new CEO at work. Heads are rolling so much you’d think it was a bowling alley. Looks like she made it through unscathed at least. Oh, and don’t be surprised if I skip out on ya for a couple weeks. I may spend some time mastering the melancholy rather than bringing the bloggery.

Until next time, here’s wishing you and yours all the best. We love ya!

Thanks for reading!

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