We’re Gonna Need A Bigger Net! Dragon Collect-A-Thon MMO Dragon’s Prophet Launches Today

Sony Online Entertainment has once again captured our attention with their latest free-to-play MMO offering, Dragon’s Prophet. This newest online game from the classic Runes of Magic developer Runewaker turns players free to bust up baddies via an action-packed, combo-based combat in a fantasy world. So what’s got the folks here at the GUO homestead so excited about yet another fantasy MMO? The ability to capture, ride, and battle alongside your own cadre of dragons!

Yep, it’s a Poke’gasam of dragolitich proportions as you are turned loose in a world with HUNDREDS of types of dragons to exploit. Flying dragons, swimming dragons, sprinting dragons, giant dragons, tiny dragons, dragons that look like little velociraptors, dragons that look like giant armadillos. There’s even a few with little membrane wings that can’t fly, but glide like a flying squirrel. Exponentially increasing the variety, each dragon comes with its own battery of randomly generated, RPG-style skill and stats. Some dragons even give new abilities to their owners.

I named this one Lucy.

Even better, I can tell you from my time in the closed beta test (usually played with the Mrs. grumbling over my should about how she wasn’t in the closed beta test), Dragon’s Prophet doesn’t make players wait to get their dragon snatching on. Play the tutorial, head out the gate of the first city, and hang a right. See those lizards over there (or, more likely for the first week, all those people waiting for lizards to spawn)? Walk on over and pop your dragon training skills. Tap (don’t hold!) the WASD keys to keep the icon in the center of the circle to complete the minigame (Pro tip: Charisma makes dragon taming easier), and Bingo! Your very own dragon! Hit tilde (~) to summon your new buddy to your side in combat and hit the tab key ride around in style.

Dragon’s Prophet is open to all with an “Open Beta” caveat May 30th at 5PM PDT. Grab it free from SOE.

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