Free MMO Dungeons & Dragons Neverwinter Starts Open Beta Today

neverwinter (4)-620xAfter several delays, the latest incarnation of Neverwinter has been released to the masses. The long running Dungeons & Dragons’ property has surfaced as several very different games following its initial unveiling as Neverwinter Nights, an early online game hosted by America OnLine back in 1991, and this one is no different. That is to say, it is not different by being different. Or something. Quick, look over there while I bail!

Created by Cryptic Studios and Perfect World Entertainment (Champions Online, Star Trek Online), this free-to-play MMO takes brave adventures back to the Forgotten Realms a hundred years after the land was decimated by the Spellplague. As this is a video game, you’ll be to restore order and culture to the land by whacking things in the face with a shiny stick of your choosing while hoarding as much loot as possible. When that gets old, you can hide behind your Dungeon Master’s screen and take a spin at creating your own stick-swinging, loot-stealing adventure via the game’s Foundry construction set to be shared online.

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