Behind the Blog SE: View GUO in New Ways With New Templates

While we spend a good amount of time trying to ensure a clean, easily readable template for this site (and ensure everyone gets to experience the modern marvel of rounded corners!), we know you can’t please everyone. Heck, when you run a site rooted in what used to be counter-culture, you should know you can’t please everyone! So we’ve added a bunch of new templates for readers to check out our content in a number of different ways.

Before we show off the new stuff, a brief word on the old. We’re always looking for ways to speed up page load times and while remaining pleasing to look at. As we continue to present heavier multimedia content, this isn’t always possible. As a result, the main page has been shortened to only feature the last 10 posts. Also, some of the javascript for the share buttons is too slow. Still. This is being looked into but, frankly, it’s a mess in here. Also know that the ‘prime’ version GUO (the one you’re looking at now) will always be our primary concern and the one that receive that most testing.


Now, on with the new. Note that all of the new templates eschew our sidebar and universal Add This button. Feel free to browse around and update bookmarks as you wish. You can always force your way back to our prime universe format on any devices using

The major addition is the mobile template. GUO users on phones will automatically be directed to the trimmed down format shown above. You can access it from any other devices via the URL Phone users who don’t want the mobile template will need to update their bookmarks to or click the “View web version” link at the bottom on each visit.

Next up are a batch of HTML5 “dynamic” templates. These are automagically generated by Google. I can’t tinker with them even if I wanted to (and, boy, do I want to). These are pretty stark in appearance, but most feature interesting tricks like infinite scrolling and should work on all modern HTML5 compatible browsers. They’re also all linked together allowing users to change the format of our page on a whim using the bar under the title. For ease of bookmarking, here are the direct links to each of the new HTML5 templates:

So there ya go! Eight new ways to browse Growing Up Otaku. Hopefully these will help our anyone who have been having problems with compatibility or load times. Not that they’ll see this post due to compatibility or load times… but… Hey, new stuff to play with! Yay!

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