Free App Allows PCs to Charge iPods, iPhones, and iPads Twice as Fast

Ever try charging an iPad off of your computer’s USB port. Yeah, that doesn’t work well. Usually your best bet is to bite the bullet and hook up the wall charger. Enter this great little app for Windows systems from PC manufacturing powerhouse Asus. The Asus AI Charger is a memory resident application that adjusts the amperage on computers with programmable voltage output USB ports (most of ‘em in the past several years) to double the power when iOS devices are connected.  Best of all, this little miracle worker is complete free of charge (no pun intended) and works on any PC with supporting hardware. Don’t know if you have supported hardware? Give it a shot. It simply won’t work if your USB controller is missing programmable voltage.

So, how good does Asus’s AI Charger software work? Matthew Hunt over at Scotch Tape and Duct Whisky put it through it’s paces and created the chart below showing the results.

While I haven’t done my own tests, I can tell you that my iPad 2 now displays the “I’m charging” lightning bolt when turned on and plugged into a USB port, where before it would not.

Ditch your wall charger with Asus AI Charger available for free here.

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