Mr and Mrs Otaku Play: Papers, Please

It is 1982 and you are an agent of the Ministry of Admission manning the immigration checkpoint of the fictional communist country of Arstotzka. At your fingertips is the mighty Rubber Stamp, a tool that will irrevocably change lives forever… And, perhaps, even end some.

What do you do when a murderer on the run seeks admission to your country but all his documents are in order? What do you do when a married couple fleeing their tyrannical homeland is threatened to be separated by a missing work permit? What do you do when every violation of the Ministry’s increasingly labyrinthine immigration policy, accidental or deliberate, is docked from you merge salary and your son needs medicine?

By the way, that immigrant you just approved was a suicide bomber..

Join the Internet’s nerdiest couple, Growing Up Otaku’s own Mr. and Mrs. Krutzler, as they man (and wife!) the border crossing in the beta version of Lucas Pope’s wickedly intriguing new game, Papers, Please.

Try the beta for yourself (Windows or Mac PCs) at

Vote for Papers, Please on Steam Greenlight.

To enter your name for use in the final version of the game, fill out Ministry approved paperwork here.

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