Literally Green Powered, The BIQ House Runs on Algae

Welcome to The BIQ House! Dreamed up by designers from Splitterwerk, Immsolar, and B+G Ingenieure in Germany, this IBA Hamburg building exhibition entrant is a 15-unit apartment whose power needs and handled by trillions of plants the size of bacteria. The two sides of the building that get the most sun are covered with a “second green skin” composed of chambers filled with water, carbon dioxide, and algae. Photosynthesis of the growing plants provide a cooling effect on the building itself. Light and heat that pass through the algae farm is captured for use by a thermal generator with the excess stored via an underground borehole heat exchanger. When the growing chambers are full, the algae are syphoned out and fermented into biogas to fuel the BIQ’s other power needs. By combining solar, geothermal, and biomass power, this apartment of tomorrow is not just stylish, but 100% free of fossil fuel use.

Source: IBA Hamburg


  1. My aquarium grows algae like crazy I would be happy to donate some free of charge.

  2. You're also pretty good at generating biogas XD