Cameras on R/C Model Aircraft Around the World | Weekend Watchlist

In this edition of the Weekend Watchlist, we’re moving in miniature. As we’ve already seen, 21st century breakthroughs in miniaturization and mass production has led to tiny, affordable cameras capable of being mounted on anything by anyone. Even better, cheap storage space and an online lifestyle has enabled footage from said cameras to be shared with everyone all over the world. One of the more popular uses of this technology for hobbyists is to capture video from their favorite remote controlled model vehicles for a whole new perspective on our world. Come fly with us this weekend as we get high for on a global scale.

Our first stop is Kinrara, Malaysia where YouTuber  Harudin Mj has attacked a webcam onto his remote control helicopter, the Esky Big Lama (pictured above). This is a very popular choice of RC aircraft for budding enthusiasts because it’s cheap, sturdy, and easy to fly.

By the way, consider this whole Weekend Watchlist to be under a Volume Warning. We’ve got a lot of different setups to showcase and a lot of microphones strapped to some really whiny engines.

Next we join Cue Air for a leisurely spin around the Japanese cherry blossoms in a Gaui 500x quadrotor.

sgbfly modded his Big Lama helicopter with a brushless motor and took it up over the U.K. countryside to see how high he could go in the little whirlybird. His estimate: 250 feet. The view: Priceless.

muni86 takes us for an amazing flight around Austria as he chases trains, inspects windmills, and performs stunts in this customized Mikado LOGO 500.

Next stop, Germany. jeanorwin has been gracious enough to let us ride along in his HobbyKing FOX 2.32  R/C glider for a spellbinding cruise over Erlangen, Bavaria.

MrSergalex in Russia is taking us up in this next video. He comments (translated via Google): “All that is left of our heartland! Almost nothing! Farewell Russian village!”

There is no audio on this feature. MrSerglex had originally created this video mixed with (what else) Pink Floyd’s song Learning to Fly. While Pink Floyd wasn’t hesitant about installing a “buy this song now” link on MrSerglex’s page, they also felt the need to have the audio removed entirely. Classy.

Of course, flying these miniature machines isn’t for the faint of heart (or light of pocketbook!). wildblstef1 was kind (and humble) enough to clip together some of his more inglorious moments as he learned the science and art of piloting these sometimes temperamental little aircraft in the U.S. He prefaces this video with the following message: “It's all about learning from your mistakes. I've made quite a few, but I've learned a lot in the process as well. I hope you enjoy the pain I've endured for this hobby.”

He also game to GoPro camera camera props for it’s durability. Get it? Props? Because… airplane… Pfft, you don’t know funny.

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