TellTale's Poker Night 2 at The Inventory Coming to Steam

Back fresh from the Value news room is something new we have been waiting for.We've all have heard of Poker Night at The Inventory with Heavy, Strong Bad, Max and Tycho. Now Telltale Games is back with Sam from Sam & Max, Brock Samson from the animated series The Venture Bros on Adult Swim, Claptrap from Borderlands series and Ash Williams from cult horror film Army of Darkness. There is also another guest coming to the party: From the Portal series it's GLaDOS but she will be the dealer in this game along with her silly rant of her trying to kill you.

The game is set to release on April 23, 2013 for PC, PlayStation and Xbox 360. Also there will be sweet Team Fortress 2 and Borderlands 2 items with the pre-order on Steam for $5. You'll also score a free copy of Poker Night 1 at The Inventory.


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