Apple iTunes App Store Year End Sale 2011 (Utilities, Kids, and Games)

dollar bill F18Every year those hardworking folks over at iTunes finally get some time off of the the holidays. What this means to us hungry consumers is that there will be no new apps, updates, or price changes for about a week. It also means that every penny pinching pusher of digital delights has to preemptively drop their prices to scarf up all those new customers lucky enough to be scoring an iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad for Christmas. Sounds like the perfect time to throw together a big ol’ list of stuff on sale! We’re checking out some of the irresistible deals on games, apps, and kids software.


Jetpack Joyride (Free) easily tops this list! Already hugely popular, this is the new gold standard in infinite runners. One finger play and great graphics make this a must have. If you’ve never played an iOS game before, start here.

Broken Sword – The Smoking Mirror: Remastered (Free) A hi-tech remake of the classic point-n-click adventure game. Great story, believable characters, top notch voice acting, and an intriguing mystery make this a no brainer for free!

Scribblenauts Remix ($0.99) is a must for everyone! Our 4-star review (dinged for price vs value at its normal $5 cost) says: “The freeform Playground mode alone will make you happier than a “joyous winged red centipede”. You may not find a challenge for your gray matter, but you will find an bottomless toy box of wonders for your imagination.”

Real Racing 2 ($0.99) and Real Racing 2 HD ($0.99). Finally a racing game for iOS that isn’t an arcade street racer! Beautiful graphics and AirPlay support make this a great tech showcase as well as a great game.

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12 ($0.99) and Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12 for iPad ($0.99). The best for a buck!

Mahjong Towers Touch HD ($0.99). Packed with unlockable content, customizable tile pictures and music, and sporting 192 layouts, Mahjong Touch Towers is an unbelievable bargain for a buck!

Sonic CD ($2.99) Our 5-star review said: “Sonic CD time traveled 18 years into the future and we discover that this rarely played, often praised adventure is still one of the very best available.”

Mushihimesama BUG PANIC ($0.99). This is Cave doin’ what Cave does: A high quality, top tier, bullet hell shooter. Considering the exchange rate with Japan, bargains don’t get any better than this.

The Settlers ($0.99) One of my very favorite city building/real-time strategy games makes a picture perfect translation to iOS! This version of Settlers III preserves all of the series’ unique production chain juggling and charming personality.

Mirror’s Edge ($0.99) and Mirror’s Edge for iPad ($0.99). This truly awesome parkour runner/platformer is short but sweet. One of the few depictions of a dystopian cyberpunk future that doesn’t look like Blade Runner. It is also better than it’s console and PC big brothers!

9mm ($0.99) This one is M for Mature! Our 5-star review said: “It is the perfect diversion to fill a lazy Sunday afternoon. It also doesn’t hurt that 9mm may very well be the best 3rd person shooter available on the mobile platform.”

Space Miner ($0.99) and Space Minder HD for iPad ($0.99). Our 5-star review says “Space Miner: Space Ore Bust is a must play! It’s a giant bowl of polished arcade fun with big chunks of space truckin’ character drowned in sausage gravy. Don’t miss out one of the best hootenannies on iOS!”

Dark Tales - Edgar Allan Poe’s Murder in the Rue Morgue ($0.99) and Dark Tales HD for iPad ($0.99). Edgar Allan Poe’s classic story now in convenient hidden object form!

Dead Space ($0.99) and Dead Space for iPad ($0.99). Very M for Mature! A fantastic 3rd person horror action game. Does right by the Dead Space franchise, even down to the infuriating final boss.

NBA Jam ($0.99) and NBA Jam for iPad ($0.99). Crazy, over-the-top basketball action that is just as much fun to watch as it is to play!

Gangstar Rio: City of Saints ($0.99). M for Mature. The third title in the Gangstar series is simply the best yet. Gameloft creeps ever closer to mastering the GTA formula! In fact, Rockstar could take more than a few pointers from Gangstar’s controls.

Grand Theft Auto III ($2.99). Speaking of GTA, the newly released port of GTA3 is now on sale for $3 proving yet again that early adopters are suckers ;)

Big City Adventure: New York City ($0.99) and HD version for iPad ($0.99). A great mix for casual players! This hidden object game features locations in New York City, fun mini game diversions, and a plethora of fun facts about New York.

For other titles check out Gameloft’s Holidays Savings, Big Fish’s 66 Games of Christmas,


Audubon Guides – A Field Guide to Birds, Mammals, Wildflowers, and Trees ($19.99). Not just a cheap set of web links, this is a full, local copy of four Audubon guides for the price of one!

Guitar Pro ($0.99). Holly awesome! This guitar tab writing program also support a metronome, a multitrack playback soundboard, web integration, exporting to PDF files, and a ton more options. If you fret an axe, you need to take a look at this!

Codea ($0.99) is a sandbox for programmers. Whip up games, simulations, and more using this app’s library of assets and code snippets.

360 Panorama ($0.99) let’s you easily create cool 360 degree photo-shoots right on your iDevice.

Penultimate ($0.99) is a fantastic handwriting and sketchbook app for your iPad.

MagicalPad – Notes & Outliner ($0.99) is a very well supported organizer for the iPad.

Writing Kit ($0.99) is a full featured text editor that features support for markups, Dropbox synch, and HTML export.

Ambiance ($0.99) is a pleasant noisemaker. Pitched as an “environment enhancer”, Ambiance let’s you remix 2,000 different sounds to create that peaceful background racket you’ve be longing for.


PopOut! The Tale of Peter Rabbit ($0.99) This title brings the interaction of a pop-up book to your iDevice. Featuring sliders, spinners, optional read-to-me narration, a beautiful soundtrack, and the classic artwork, this is a beauty to behold. PopOut! The Tale of Squirrel Nutkin ($0.99) is also on sale.

The Monster at the End of This Book...starring Grover! ($0.99) Not just a read along storybook, this app integrates fun activities into the story as well.

Another Monster at the End of This Book...Starring Grover & Elmo! ($0.99) Yup, the sequel is on sale too!

How The Grinch Stole Christmas! ($2.99) This is an electronic version of the classic book. It can be played with or without narration and objects in the scene can be tapped on to display the written name of the object.

Actually, all of the Dr. Seuss apps are a dollar off. Use the App store search box in our sidebar on the right to find any you might be looking for.

Calling All Kneebouncers ($0.99) Our favorite Flash buddies are back in another great preschooler eToy! This faux phone lets the little ones check in with their bouncing buddies.

Counting Bees ($0.99) is a great counting game where your favorite wee one drags the bees to the flowers.


Had your eye on something else? Odds are pretty good that it’s on sale. Here’s a search widget to help:


Did we miss one of your favorites on sale in the App Store? The comments section is at your disposal.

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