First English Trailer for Puella Magi: Madoka Magica Released

The English speaking world braces for the onset of Madoka Madness! Aniplex has released their first trailer for the series English dubbed translation. Not quite feeling Kyubei’s voice, but we’ll see.

Edit: Whoops! Looks like somebody is being stingy about sharing with others again :(
Vimeo and/or Aniplex is not allowing embedding on this one. You'll have to go over to their house to see it.

And if you could think of a good reason why companies would want to stop fans from sharing their commercial, by all mean, leave me a line in the comments. I'm stumped.

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  1. This is so irritating!! I'm from Australia and I want to see what the voices are like D: But it's not available here..... :(