Grand Theft Auto III Released for iPhone/iPad. All the Gray You Remember, Now with Bad Controls

GTA3 iosGrand Theft Auto III makes its way to iOS 10 years after it changed open world gaming forever on the PlayStation 2.

The good news? It’s all here. The whole decade old incarnation of Liberty City, the mute protagonist, the mundane story, and all the fantastically exciting chaos that only an unscripted open world sandbox can bring.

The bad news is that Rockstar has thoughtlessly thrown a dozen touchscreen buttons all over the place without rhyme or reason. Worst of all, the digital driving controls that sunk GTA: Chinatown Wars make a return to frustrate anyone looking to take a joyride down memory lane.

You really can’t go home again. GTA III looks and feels (and is!) dated compared every other game in the series since released. While this iPhone version certainly benefits from a higher resolution, the textures remain just as gray and low res as the originals and the inane control scheme pops a cap in any semblance of fun. If you’re jonesing for some carjacking nostalgia, grab the PC version for your laptop when this inevitably goes on sale on Steam at the end of the month.

Grand Theft Auto III is now available for iDevices running iOS 4.3 or higher for $4.99 on iTunes.

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