Growing Up Otaku Digest: November 2011


Welcome to GUO Digest, our end of month look back at some of our best and brightest since… well, the last GUO Digest. We bust our little buns trying to provide interesting, entertaining, and informative tidbits of brain busting geekery everyday. We know you’re busy and may not be able to visit daily so once a month we wrangle up our previous content, give it a spritz of behind the scenes commentary, and post it directly into your brainpan. Thus the Digest was born.

If you’ve been reading for the past couple months, you know that the Mrs. has been championing the Digest. In spite of my strutting around like some cyber ghetto Rupert Murdock, we take every piece of feedback to heart. Being live in person (and my sitting within striking distance), the Mrs’ votes conquer all. Thus after some grumping and griping, the Digest carried on. Now it looks like she’s been vindicated.

Maybe. I’ve got one analytics engine that says the GUO Digest views have skyrocketed up to over 50! The other states that they’ve plunged to 5. This is why your feedback is so important. If we relied solely on pageviews, I’d post a Facebook game strategy guide, an OnLive YouTube video, and kick back for the rest of the month (hmm). The commenting system is wide open to allow a way to get in touch with the least hassle. Sharing buttons are also a great way to support the type of content you enjoy. The feedback we’ve received spawned The Great One’s Space Sunday features. Lack of feedback led to the removal of Late Night Leftovers and Special Report. You never know what’s on the chopping block. Knowing a reader actually enjoys our work enough to say so is worth more than all of the confusing, unreliable analytics on the ‘Net.

Speaking of analytics, let’s take a look at the…

Most Popular Posts for November 2011

Tips, Cheats, and Strategies for Wasteland Empires on Facebook

Review: Skyrim (PC): A Grand Tale of Adventure Where Anything Goes

Top 10 Tips, Tricks, and Cheats for The Sims Social On Facebook

Review: Majesty: The Fantasy Kingdom Sim (iPhone/iPad/Android) Slaying Dragons With Better Bookkeeping

A Tribute to Skyrim’s Epic Beards

Always nice to see some new blood in the Top 5. Mmm… Skyrim… Lucky there was anything new here after that game came out! Looks like Wasteland Empires is poised to make it big. I approve. I really like that game. Been meaning to write up another article on it for a while now.

And now, our feature presentation (literally as it is a presentation about our features):


Review: Exoplanet (iPhone/iPad) A True-to-Life Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy – This is such a cool app. Nothing like getting an alert that a new planet was just discovered!

Review: Forever Drive (iPhone/iPad): Tron Inspired Checkpoint Chasing on Your Own Tracks

Review: Skyrim (PC): A Grand Tale of Adventure Where Anything Goes – It’s a review. It’s a story. It’s bold experiment. It’s all of the above! This is one of those places where a little feedback goes a long way. I’ll be experimenting with this format in the future.

Review: Boss Battles HD (iPhone/iPad) One Finger Shmup Action for Free

Anime and Manga

AKB48 Launching Branded ISP, Wants to Make Babies With You

So…yeah. Little thin on the Anime front this month ('”thin” being non-existent). Not the best time of year for it. I also started looking to bring in an Anime guy, but that didn’t happen.


Mechwarrior Returns as Free Online Game – And it’s been too, too long! Seriously, how can a franchise based on giant robots bristling with guns and acronyms be left fallow so long!

Nintendo Japan Reveals Legend of Zelda Playing Card Set

Trends Favor Free Mobile Gaming – This week in Console Deathwatch…

Valve Finally Confirms Steam Hack 4 Days Later – Valve never did tell their customers a thing. They just pacified the press and the story went away. While it is hard to prevent such a cyber attack, it is worth noting the actions of victimized companies towards their customers.

A Tribute to Skyrim’s Epic Beards – This was fun yet aggravating. All those screenshots were taken the old fashioned way. No mods here!

Minecraft Comes to the iPhone and iPad – Made the App Store’s top lists, but… meh.

Minecraft Finally, Officially Released – GUO’s Game of the Year for 2010 finally hits v1.0; Still awesome!



 NASA funds Tractor Beam Research – And it works!

Using Sound To Heal Bones And Internal Injuries – There’s a joke here about Shouts in Skyrim

International Astronauts Return From Mock Mars After 520 Days

Inside CIA’s Internet Eavesdropping “Open Source Center”

Adobe Flash Burns Out on Mobile Devices. Android Player 11.1 to be the Last – Good riddance!

iOS 5.0.1 Update Now Available; Fixes iPhone 4s Battery Problems, Adds iPad Gestures, Understands Aussies – Well, looks like it didn’t fix all the battery problems. Aaaapple! You got some ‘splain’ to do!

Summary of Active Mars Missions

Up In Smoke: User’s Data Disappears as Cloud Storage Service Backify Goes Belly Up – Special thanks to Steve who tipped us off that @dwdrive_dot_com is offering help to former Backify customers.

New Studies Of Europa Increases Chances Of Finding Alien Life

Cyber Attack on USA! Duqu / Stuxnet Is Prime Suspect – Turns out this was bad communication and a comedy of errors. Check out an update at Wired.

Top 5 Tech Turkeys of 2011 – BIG article. Came out pretty well. Wish I had another day to spend on it.

Shopping Malls to Track Your Movements via Cell Phones for Holliday Shopping Season

U.S. Government Seizes Another 130 Internet Domains Without Due Process – International law? What’s that?

Earth Similarity And Planetary Habitability Indexes Show Best Vacation Spots In The Universe – This is going to come back in another form one day, some way. It’s a fun concept that we need to explore a little more.

Super Light Metal Mesh Could Change Everything – Could this metallic microlattice be the next plastic or cloth?


Cool Stuff

 Genetically Engineered Mosquitoes To Invade Florida 

Make Your Own Library Everywhere with BookCrossing – Anyone try this? This is a great program.

Light Up the Runway, Here Comes the Nom Nom Plane! Jet Bib Lights Up Baby for Feeding – Never forget the tiniest members of your audience.

Canada’s Currency Gets Plastic Surgery – Plastic surgery! Geddit! ‘Cause they’re putting plastic fibers in the cash. So… sigh…

Japanese Robot Bear to Maul You While You Sleep – Still can’t read that title without a giggle.

Maingear Ships–and Guarantees—5.2GHz Factory Overclocked PCs! – Mmm… PC Porn…

Baking Up 5 Star Wars Cakes for the Holidays Om nom nom and eat up all the AT-ATs.

November in the U.S. is known for two things: Rampant consumerism and Thanksgiving. Here at the GUO homefront we had a good deal to be thankful for. I got my hands on all three Grandbabies for 24 hours. Grandpop was back in full effect flipping over giggly girls and singing along with every mundane chore. The kids are looking good and it really helped the slump I’ve been in lately. I hadn’t realized how long it’s been since I sang. You should sing a little song today. Don’t worry, I won’t listen. Makes you feel good.

On the virtual front, I’m thankful that we’ve managed to make a somewhat successful go at this Internet thing. Once again I am humbled to announce that we’ve had record traffic across our 42 posts for the month. Our YouTube channel has been doing very well for itself the past several months as well. I’m also thankful for those of you who remembered our affiliate links for your shopping needs. It’s still not making any money, but, with time, just might be able to stop GUO from taking cash out of our pockets.

Finally, I am thankful most of all for you. Without knowing people enjoy our little public spectacle GUO would not be the labor of love it is today.

Thanks for reading!

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